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Because Buhari & His Supporters Hate Nigeria

By Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu


Pause for a moment and take a close look at the 2019 election results. You would immediately be confronted with two Nigeria’s.

On the one hand, Nigerians who desire a harmonious, prosperous and secure Nigeria and on the other hand, Nigerians who prefer a divided, unjust, conflicted and dysfunctional Nigeria.

Now take a close look at Buhari’s votes and note where the bulk comes from.

Buhari puportedly won landlide in all core northen sharia states and mostly lost or won marginally in all other states.

So he is president not because the bulk of Nigerians want him to be, but because the zealots in sharia states, including millions of under-age children trooped out to rig for him.

Now you begin to understand why he refused to make any changes in his 4 year rule.

While the rest of the country accused buhari of running a sectional government, of supporting herdsmen terrorists, of being a bigot, of fostering injustice, of refusing to restructure the country.

He ignored them, because his primary constituency see Nigeria in exactly the same prism as he does.

Having consolidated his sharia constituency, all he needed was a little cross over and he got it through the likes of Bola Tinubu and other self serving, turn-coat Southern politicians.

Therefore, those who harbour the remotest thoughts of buhari making Nigeria a better country should perish those thoughts.

Buhari and his sharia voters represent an extreme right hard core that do not beleive in a just and equitable nigeria. Nor in a nigeria that is restructured to function optimally.

In their bigoted lens, the Nigeria they see is one where the core muslim north dominates the rest of the country, where the dysfunctional status quo that gives them undue advantage over others is retained even while the country is worse for it, where herdsmen can run rampage over communities, kill farmers and seize their lands, where power will remain in the north in perpetuity.

Buhari has undisguisedly pursued these “Apartheid” ideals since he came to power. This is what he will continue to pursue.

Nigeria is in the hands of those who hate the nation. Brace up for tougher times ahead.

Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu

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