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Because Nnamdi Kanu was able to run away from Nigeria


Cast your time and let us reason; but before you read between these tutored lines of mine. Take your mind back to 2017/2018 Nnamdi Kanu was in Nigeria. You will remember he was tactical, strategic and avoided doing or starting something he couldn’t finish. Did you see him claim he killed police men or burnt down stations? Did you see him upload videos of where he attacked escort van; he did not because he knew it was suicidal- and also because he cannot stand or challenge the outcome, he comported himself because any action then, he would also feel the reaction. But now; he doesn’t care if his members get arrested or killed; he doesn’t care if soldiers are left unchallenged to kill in Orlu, simply because he is now an instigator. He ran away and doesn’t feel the impact or face the consequences of actions he instigated. He sends a monkey to whip a sleeping lion because he is now in abroad.

This young man in 2015 told us how he would lead from the front; command the army from the battle ground and lead everything lead-able. He vowed he would stand and face the beat of freedom; in keeping with his words, he came back in 2015 and got arrested. He spent one year and few months in prison; those months became the defining era of his prominence. He came out of detention; spent few more months and disappeared for one year, the next year, he appeared in Israel.

With his passport seized; it was believed Nnamdi Kanu ran to Israel with his foot; imagine what must have happened to someone, that he trekked to Israel from Abia state. That simply showed how determined Nnamdi Kanu was to run away from Nigerian hell and save his dear life. He escaped; he felt looking back would be horrendous. He anticipated going to UK would be risky; he might be deported back to Nigeria and so, Israel was his preferred destination. The fear of ever nearing Nigeria was immense.

What the young man saw in Nigeria was terrible; till his death, I am not sure Nnamdi Kanu would visit Nigeria again. But being a man that lacks empathy; he has never taken time to think, remember or imagine what those he left behind are going through in Nigeria because of his uncoordinated and childish instigating of few of his arm bearing members. Lack of empathy means his members held under oath will suffer hell and die gruesomely. It would be hard for Nnamdi Kanu to remember what he saw in Nigeria because today, he gets visa to meet a girlfriend on valentine day and pleasure overshadowed his ability to reflect. The hell he saw that made him ran away; he brings it upon us without shielding us.

The practical example of the message I have for you is Uwazurike. Uwazurike has security and soldiers but he has become extremely cautious and conserving because anything he does or instigates his boys to do, he would feel the same impact as his boys because he is present. As such; before Uwazurike does anything concerning Biafra, he must consider his security, safety, his exit route and his ability to navigate himself to a safer end. If Uwazurike sends his boys to burn down police stations or kill policemen; he would also be on the run, if caught, he would die or pay dearly for it and as such, Uwazurike must think and plan massively, he must consider the risk and the result before he does anything. He must be ready to defend his actions before he does any. He cannot instigate Orlu when he knew he has no defense strategy.

If you want to know why Orlu is burning; innocent people dying, army intimidating everybody. If you want to know why our people were killed in hundreds in Obigbo, why people are being intimidated and arrested in Aba and elsewhere, it is because the instigator is far away- in US; all he does is instigate emotionally driven boys to go and shoot a police man or army, the next day, army storm the community and carry out retaliation, killing and making life unbearable and no one to challenge them, instead, the perpetrators run to another place with a different name to carry out another.

Why you see uncoordinated actions; childish actions without strategy or consideration of defense is because the instigator is not around. Had it been Nnamdi Kanu is around and fighting for the very Biafra he believes so much in, before he makes a move, he would plan, he would consider his life, his safety, his defense and make sure everything is in place before he makes a move because if he did not plan well, he would be arrested or on the run like most victims. You wonder why grown up men go to Aba police station and burn it down, the next day, police commences mass arrest without anybody to challenge them. it is because the instigator is somewhere in US with his sweet girlfriend instigating emotional victims down here.

You wonder why the traitor is busy uploading pictures and videos, ranting and boasting how he would burn down police stations and kill police men, it is simply because he is not here; he doesn’t know what we suffer and how what he does implicates us down here. Until this coward comes down and face it down here with us; he would continue to constitute a nuisance in the name of freedom fighting.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- investigative/Independent journalist

Writes from Enugu


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