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Because We Are Young… — By Comrade Chuks Nwoga


Because I am young, I have always been misunderstood and accused wrongly. Constantly suffered for the things far opposite of what I stand for.  

Because I am young, I have always been accused of being disrespectful when I tend to give my opinion on issues that will be beneficial to all. 

My opinion will always want to be suppressed in a gathering where I am a stakeholder just because I am young. Any attempt to air my views amounts to being disrespectful. 

Because I am young I have been labeled to be a charlatan, miscreant, dissident, rebel and all sort of unprintable names. 

When I opened up that the institution that binds us together is crumbling that we should follow religiously  the documents that binds us together, they called me a rebel. 

Because I am young, speaking about the generation which I represent or about the longevity of the institution we bequeathed from our predecessor make me a dissident.

I was made to understand that I don’t have opinion just because I am young. 

Because I am young, anything I identify that is pulling down the institution that we collectively own due to their activities and ineptitude and I speak out makes me a miscreant. 

They don’t like us because we are young but being young is a process of growth and development. 

Someday we will grow old. What we need now is guidance and not to be misled . 

Yes I am young and will continue to follow the path of truth. 

For the records, I am an engineer by training. I have also acquired other degrees to prepare me for the future.

 I have undergone several leadership courses both within and outside the country. 

My father, Okeke Oga gave me the best upbringing and taught me morals. He taught me how to speak the truth no matter who is affected. 

My grandfather, oganwodoeze nwanuka was a community leader and known to always speak the truth. He warned me never to conceal evil. 

If you ask me, someone with such credential is not in any way a charlatan or a miscreant as they have misled the public. 

Because we are young is the more reason we should be given more responsibilities and guide us to grow and leave a strong legacy to the generation behind us, not to vilify us. 

When will the future come for the young people? Are we still partners in nation building? 

These groups should have a rethink to save this generation and the future of the unborn generation. 

We will always speak the truth to save our generation and the generation coming after us. 

Comrade Chuks Nwoga 

(Ochinwata APGA) 

APGA National Youth Leader 

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