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Becoming a Special Adviser (Media & Publicity)

By Tiamiyu Idris

Writing is an intellectually demanding job that appeals to and characteristic of people with a developed intellect.

It’s meant for those with a; knack for writing, ardor for reading and those who have found a career in it.

I love writing because I love reading. A good reader is a good writer. However, writing isn’t even an easy task for a writer and as Thomas Mann posit, “A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.

What led me to writing?, Self Development! My quest for knowledge and self development turned me to an avid reader. Through reading, I learnt and discovered alot that I just have to write.

By profession, I’m far from being a media person, Journalist or publicist.

I’m a graduate of Industrial Technology Education (Mechanical Technology) from the foremost state University of Technology in Nigeria. You would see that my vocation does not mesh with my avocation.

Well, these days, most successful people follow their passion. Passion is energy, it’s the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

While pursuing my passion of writing, I was open to grab any opportunity which could potentially help build my passion and traject me to the land of “tir na nog” since doing what gives you happiness slows ageing.

By style of life, my writings made me a media person, journalist and a publicist as I would later create a page where my opinions, articles threads and columns would be aired or published.-#IDRISTALKS!

In the success intersection book by James Denney, when passion meets with talent, success happens.

While I believe I’m in no better position to rate my columns, positive feedbacks gotten from readers stimulates me the more.

One of such positive feedback is a mighty one coming from my to-be-principal; a sharp, witty and humble leader, champion of the commoner, a voice for the downtrodden and a politician with a difference.

My gentle readers would permit me if my article bears a resemblance with the coherent ramblings of Hewett in good words.

It took me by no surprise when my writings allured my to-be-principal. A lover of quality himself. The masses must be lucky to have such an uncommon leader ready to fight for their cause.

Excellence, transparency, dedication, integrity and honesty are his watchwords. Oga won’t settle for less.

Three things cannot be long hidden ; the sun, the moon and the truth. Now that passion has meet talent, success is bound to happen. Our sun would shine bright and with the gloomy sky, waters of hope would fall soon

We are in now, any adversary that attempts to taint will have themselves mortified.

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