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Benjamin Netanyahu, hmm! So, Adolf Hitler was Muslim!

Adolf Hitler

Image: Adolf Hitler

The world now has it on good authority that Palestinians instigated German leader, Adolf Hitler, to allegedly incinerate six million Jews! This is the latest claim of the stiff-necked Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, modern day carbon copy of Biblical stiff-necked Jews that a Palestinian Muslim leader sold the idea of the extermination of Jews to Hitler during World War 11. C’mon, Mr. Benjamin!

Mind you! This Benjamin is not George Orwell’s creation! So, you know where the world is coming from and where it’s headed each time you hear some Western leaders talk of Israeli’s inalienable right to defend themselves. You know where is probably headed each time you hear some prominent Western politicians refer to Palestinians as unformed people. You also know now why Western leaders appear helpless as successive governments in Tel Aviv balk at the idea of a two-state solution to resolve the Arab-Israeli crisis.

Serious as Mr. Netanyahu’s allegations are, they are just as spurious and laughable as the idea of the holocaust. The only difference this time around is that even Israel’s unquestioning friends in the West are sneering! The Germans whom Mr. Netanyahu expected to applaud his were not impressed. Chancellor Angela Merkel literally told the Israeli prime minister to go tell his tales to the marines. Even in Tel Aviv, prominent Israeli historians and politicians summoned an emergency meeting where they castigated their prime minister for trying to distort history. 

Talk of giving a dog a bad name to hang it! Whatever his intentions, there is nothing original in Mr. Netanyahu’s innovation. Truth is, this time around, his allegation hallmarks a caged leader who is bereft of ideas and who will do the unthinkable to win lost souls. And, if truth be told, even Israel’s traditional friends are bored with stiff-necked Israeli leaders’ perennial whining about the alleged holocaust. 

For a second, let us even assume Mr. Netanyahu is right in his wrong-headed thesis. What he is saying in effect is that Palestinians must be punished for a non-existent crime Mr. Netanyahu claims was committed by one Palestinian Mufti at the beginning of the last century! Now, is that the kind of position that the West, a supposedly unbiased umpire, be supporting? Isn’t it sickening that Western leaders continue to justify Israeli occupation by those standards set by their forebears at the Berlin Conference of 1884? 

May be Hitler was right in his war against Jews. May be he was wrong. But Israel’s atrocities and discriminatory practices in occupied Palestine have vindicated the German strongman. Compared to successive racist Israeli leaders, Hitler should simply be canonised and absolved of any blames of the alleged incineration of six million Jews. This is the option available to the civilized world in its dealings with a stiff-necked people who have been trained to see Palestinians as descendants of Hitler. 

Ultimately, three basic facts have emerged from the latest Zionists offensive in occupied Palestine:  one, it has exposed the Zionist army, the so-called Israeli Defence Force, IDF, as an average army. In any case, whatever air of invincibility it enjoyed ended when the Zionist army met its waterloo in the hands of Hezbollah in 2006! Because they are scared stiff to engage in combat, the Zionists troops have turned their arsenal at Palestinian civilians. 

Two, to the eternal consternation of hawks in Tel Aviv and Washington, Palestine will be free and Palestinians will outlive the Zionist holocaust just as the alleged incineration of six million Jews did not exterminate the Jews. No ‘final solution’ ever worked!  Three, hope for a rapprochement is fast receding: quite unlike whites in post-apartheid South Africa, the Zionists are increasingly jeopardizing their future and peace in a future Middle East and may not get a soft-landing. 

This question could have been asked by anybody, Palestinian and non- Palestinian, alike. It is one question asked by conscientious Muslims and Christians as well as liberal Jews. Commonsense suggests that people refused to rush an answer to the question because the answer is goes beyond a mere yes or no! But the Israeli soldier who was asked the question was quick with an answer: ‘Yes’, he shouted, ‘Hitler was a Palestinian.’ Like most of their stiff-necked compatriots, Israeli soldiers have been trained to believe that the only good Palestinian is a dead one! 

In the years since the Camp David Accord was signed, Israel has forcefully grabbed more lands from Palestinians. They have killed, maimed and impoverished more Palestinians and turned what remains of Palestinian land into a prison. Talk of a host being boxed into a corner in his own house by a guest he extended a hand of friendship to! 

While the criminal occupation goes on, successive occupants of the White House and their carbon copies in other western capitals, desirous of arming and sustaining a strong ally in the strategic Middle East, turn the blind eye and continue to delude themselves that the peace agreement is on course. Left with no other alternative, extremist groups in the Arab world, many of them trained by the United States to ‘contain Soviet expansionism’, have grabbed the initiative. 

In their quest for freedom, Palestinian freedom fighters have simply perfected Jewish terror attacks of the early to middle of the last century. Apartheid Israel had existed since the Balfour Declaration of 1917; the racist state only received official endorsement some three decades later. Had pioneer Israeli terrorists such as Chaim Weizmann, David Ben Gurion and their ultra-right fellow travellers in World Jewry folded their arms and allowed a negotiated settlement, as the West (read, United States) is now telling Palestinians, there would not have been a state of Israel in 1948. 

The Jews took up arms, organised themselves into terrorist groups and spearheaded deadly raids ever known to mankind to secure an independent state of Israel! In essence, the struggle for the creation of Israel was not a tea party; it did not come peacefully. The Jews bombed, kill and rendered British-led United Nations mandate Palestine ungovernable in their struggle for a homeland. 

In fact, for every Hamas and other militant Palestinian group the world knows today, the Israelis had their equivalent in the Jewish terrorist organizations called Irgun and Zvai among others. The bombing spree of these Jewish terrorist organizations was the single factor that forced the hands of the British, who exercised a United Nations mandate over Palestine, to eventually accede to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

It is good that Palestinians too have realized that they are left with no option but to fight. Radical Palestinian groups and their sympathizers, long opposed to the concept of a two-state solution, should feel fulfilled and justified in their struggle. They are doing for the Palestinians what Zvai and Irgun did for Jews! As good students of history, Palestinian freedom fighters are aware that no amount of hours spent over cups of coffee in cigarette smoke filled rooms will give them a home! 

They know too well that had Jewish terrorists Chaim Weizmann and David Ben Gurion and their land-grabbing co-travellers fallen for the sweet talk of the West , the Jews would still be wandering in Europe like the Gypsies and, not as lords of the manor, in the Middle East. What is left of Palestine today will disappear within the next decade if Palestinians fall for the sweet talk of Western leaders.

By emulating Israeli terrorists of the early twentieth century, Palestinian freedom fighters have done everything right in their quest for a homeland! 

Abdulrazaq Magaji <magaji777@yahoo.com>lives in Abuja, Nigeria; (234-805-138-0793)

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