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Betrayal, anger, as S’West APC leaders sabotage Yoruba Nation agenda

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

There is so much anger, tears and feeling of betrayal among the agitators of Yoruba Nation after leaders of the All Progressives Congress in the South-West region converged a meeting at Lagos State on Sunday, 23 of May 2021. A meeting which many unbelievers of ‘one Nigeria’ said landed an unbearable catastrophic blow to the dream of Yoruba Nation.

The deadly and unpopular political blow landed on the Yoruba Nation dream is coming after hundreds of agitators besieged Akure, Ondo State on Saturday to demand Yoruba freedom. The agitators held a rally in the state capital, Akure, displaying banners showing their demand.

Moreover, those who attended the infamous meeting that sabotaged the call for a Yoruba Nation were the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, South-West APC governors; and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, among others.

APC leaders issuing communique after meeting in Lagos
APC leaders during meeting in Lagos
APC leaders during meeting in Lagos

The APC leaders in a communique made their positions clear after their meeting in Lagos on Sunday.

The Yoruba Leaders after commiserating with President Muhammadu Buhari, the military authorities, families of the Chief of Army Staff and other officers who died in the tragic plane crash in Kaduna, last week Friday also opposed to the separatist agenda and hate speeches in the communique. It urged those masterminding it to desist forthwith.

They also reasserted their belief in the unity, stability and sustainability of the country.

“The Leaders commiserate with and condole the President and Commander-in-Chief, President Muhammadu Buhari, the military authorities, families of the Chief of Army Staff and other officers who died, and indeed the entire nation over last Friday’s tragic plane crash in Kaduna.

“They express their strong opposition to separatist agitations and hate speeches. While urging those indulging in such to desist forthwith, they renew their belief in the unity, stability and sustainability of the country.

“We note with significant concern the security situation in the country. Terrorism and violent criminality threaten many areas, adversely affecting the lives and livelihoods of too many innocent and peace-loving Nigerians.

“While mindful of the resource and other constraints facing the nation, we urge the federal government to continue to make the necessary expenditures and allocate sufficient resources to enable the military and security agencies to tackle the difficult security challenges confronting us.

“For Nigeria to overcome these challenges, we must do so with unity of purpose and action. The desire for peace and the chance for a prosperous and just society is universal and transcends all regional, religious or ethnic divisions.

“Sadly, many public figures have made statements that spark division and undermine the needed unity of purpose. We urge government at all levels, security agencies, and public leaders across the country to do everything possible to prevent tension so that we sustain the necessary unity to defeat these challenges to our national security. All responsible Nigerians must speak and act in a manner that strengthens our common cause against these common threats to our collective peace, justice and development.

“We restate our abhorrence of violence as a means to achieve either political or economic power and influence. We strongly condemn violence of any form in any part of the country, regardless of ethnic or regional identity of the perpetrators of the violence or of the victims. Government must do all it can to protect potential victims and to assist those who have previously been victimized by terrorism or widespread banditry.”

The South-West APC leaders, however, declared complete support for true federalism and backed the position of the Southern Governors regarding open grazing taken in Asaba, Delta State on May 11, 2021.

“We hold to the view that true federalism where more power and resources are allocated to the states will be an essential part in strengthening society and improving democratic governance so that we beat the present challenges but also engender durable peace and security.

“True federalism and the reallocation of resources and authority that comes with it will empower the states to solve localized issues before they spread and transform into national ones. In addition to mitigating political competition for control of the national government, greater federalism will empower grassroots economic development and political reforms that will stand as bulwarks against the terrorism and criminality now experienced in too many parts of the nation. A hallmark of this enhanced federalism will be the establishment of state police forces.

“We endorse the position of the Southern Governors taken at their May 11, 2021 summit in Asaba, Delta State, regarding ranching. We do so because such a decision will lessen tensions between farmers and herders while also helping the long-term economic viability of both the farming and herding communities

Although, former President of the Yoruba World Congress and renowned writer, Professor Banji Akintoye who is one of the vocal figure calling for secession of the SouthWest region have expressed optimism that the Yoruba journey to redemption has commenced, adding that the race will achieve its dream of an Oduduwa nation without any bloodshed.

When Elombahnews monitored news thread on some of the media platforms controlled by the separatist movement, it discovered that coordinated attacks were launched against the Yoruba leaders that attended the Lagos meeting.

Some Yoruba Nation agitators described the communique issued by the APC leaders as null and void as it does not in any way represent the opinion of the entire Yoruba people. While others sees their action as amounting to outright sabotage and selfishness.

However, many agitators have vowed never to backdown despite the convoluted outcome of Lagos meeting until Yoruba Nation is realized.

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