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Between Chris Azubogu & Ifeanyi Ubah: Help Is Coming Or One More Shot?

By Sharon Oparaocha


I have been asked severally , between Hon. Chris Emeka Azubogu and Sen. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who is better ?

And who among these two would I support if they happen to be their respective party gubernatorial candidate ?

I figured that answering the question elaborately, will help me clear a few things about what the masses should consider before deciding to vote for anyone in any election.

The author, Sharon Oparaocha

First let me clearly say this, there is no basis on which Azubogu and Ubah can be compared . The two individuals are parallel .

Hon. Chris Emeka Azubogu has proven to be a good legislator; this is evident in his second term at the green chambers. He was able to attract road projects in his constituency, that he is distracted now , in his third term cannot take away the things he has achieved previously.

In fact I supported his third term bid, and for so many of us it was a South East project, we hoped he could get the speakership or deputy speakership slot. But, it panned terribly otherwise.

However, governorship is more than sponsoring bills, supporting motions and attracting and lobbying for projects. And these are  exactly what these two lawmakers are doing. So, we should take a little look into their non political life rather – who are they besides politics ?

Hon. Azubogu I know is well educated. According to him he is an ICT consultant and engineer. Recall he had gotten ICT contract from the state government some years ago. That’s incredible!

But what is not incredible is that there’s no ICT firm or at least shop that is said to be Azubogus’ , unless he did some sort of magic that couldn’t have been logically possible. But, this is Nigeria!

There’s not much to say about the Emeka Azubogu that is not a politician.

Politically Azubogu engages in anti-party activities (if it becomes necessary in the near future, I shall discuss this too ).

Sen. Ubah on the other hand is a successful business man. i want us to get something clear about Ubah’s style of politics, he does not engage in anti party, he would rather leave the party and fight them as a pronounced opposition, he did it to the PDP in 2017, eventually, he left the party for APGA , when he felt betrayed by APGA he also left. he did not sabotage APGA, he left ….

To the best of my knowledge , there’s nothing to say about his academics, I learnt recently that he is studying law. I am happy for him, and I wish him all the best. I think Ubah takes criticism serious and it is helping him .Until he graduates, I can’t say if he has a degree or not .

Ubah has managed and is still managing resources , if he decides to eat public money he knows he is eating other peoples money. He is aware of his actions.

But I can’t say the same about Azubogu who has not actually managed resources. You see, the two are not the same. He has opened several businesses which did not last up to a year.

Again, I think Ubah is accessible to an extent. Even though I do not agree with him politically, I still don’t have to say he is bad in the areas he is good at.  For instance, there was this one time my good friend who is also the senator’s loyalist had issue that somewhat threatened his life.

I reached to a number of people in high places, surprisingly only three felt concerned . Frank Chinedu Maduka, former Anambra state NYCN chairman , Hon. Obunike Ohaegbu who is also the young man’s good friend and Sen. Ubah were the only ones who expressed genuine concern and actually did something to remedy the situation.

To be more specific, when I called Ubah, he picked and told me he would call me back, I sent him a text , he read and saw how urgent and dire the situation is,  he abandoned his class immediately and called me back.

He eventually helped significantly in solving the problem. He too will be surprised I still remember the incident and the role he played.

On the other hand is Mr. Udegbunam’s testimony of how Azubogu refused to help him with a letter of identification as his representative and how he attempted to turn his own father against him.

It is also very important to note that Ubah is just starting in the business of lawmaking, although his boys are hyping his legislative activities on media, he just won his last case against the two Uba brothers. I have resisted the urge of comparing him with any of these second or third time legislators for this reason.

As Azubogu’s supporter for the third term I expected at least, his consolidation in the Appropriations Committee but unfortunately, he lost the position to a Representative from Ebonyi.

There is unverified rumours that his desperation for Agu-Awka made him work against Hon. Onyema’s re-appointment as Deputy Minority Leader wherein he ended up signing two contradictory documents.

One supported the rejection of Hon. Onyema as Deputy Minority leader while the second supports Onyema’s appointment. If this is confirmed, it raises questions of credibility and consistency

These two great men are my friends , as difficult as it is to compare them, there’s no finding balance here. I have to say it the way I see it.

As for supporting any of them, I would rather stay out of the election . I mean it’s not a must that I must support someone, right ?

You see, I am always careful about supporting a particular candidate, it does something to us….. It has impact on our reputation.

For example, yesterday a good friend of mine said to me “Azubogu bia rukwanu ozo kam fu.” The other time I was asked what is keeping him from discharging his legislative duties , that he is no longer serious.

My childhood friend told me that I supported Azubogu’s third term bid but didn’t know “he is sneaky”, I find these comments a bit scary . You never know who has hated you over another man’s shortcomings.

If you support or supported Peter Obi you will always walk around with your shoulders high, because you are supporting/ supported one of the best governors in Nigeria.

Sharon Oparaocha
Nnewi, Anambra state.

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