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Beware of deadly canned foods, drinks, warns health expert


Health Professional warned that most of the imported and locally produced canned foods and drinks are not good for the body, they are passed through rays

The saying that you are what you eat (and drink) was put to test at a one-day health empowerment seminar held weekend in Awka, the State capital of Anambra State.

It was aimed at educating people on health and wealth services that bring solutions to challenges humanity faces.

Mrs Precious Uwa delivering a paper during the Seminar organized by Africa Health Solution in conjunction with Jeromi Stella Nwosu Foundation for Health and Empowerment  on the theme, “Health is Wealth Empowerment”.

The resource person, Mrs Uwa said many people eat their way to death out of ignorance.

Centering her talk on the health benefits of Alkaline Acidosis, Mrs Uwa, a Health Professional warned that most of the  imported and locally produced canned foods and drinks are not good for the body as according to her, they are  passed through rays to preserve them from spoiling.

She pointed out that the chemical process affects the natural state of the food and drink and becomes detrimental to the body.

She added that many people die as a result of neglect of the bodies as they do not have the routine programme of going to hospital and checking their bodies until the illness manifests fully and badly.

Mrs Uwah has attended various professional training programmes including  the  World Health Organization (WHO) Diseases and Bacteria Training Programmes.

She  advised  people to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables which she said contain high alkaline  and boosts immune system, especially when blood and water in one’s  body is low.   

“Most premature deaths occur as a result of poor health.  People die suddenly out of ignorant of our health. 

“In Africa, including Nigeria, most people do not go to hospital routinely as a preventive measure but resort to self-medication. 

“We should imbibe the spirit of going to hospital for test at least three times in a year.”

 According to the speaker, pH Measurement is important to the body for optimal health given the fact that human body is made up of 70 percent water and critical Ph Levels.

Cleanshield helps one to understand one’s body and its make-up of 70 percent water. 

The product enables one’s body water to move from acidity to alkalinity. 

Our unhealthy diet habit subjects our body to high level of stress of modern life to such an extent that  low pH is associated with diseases including cancer.

She said “all bodies of water have a balance of H ions and OH ions which are expressed on a scale of 0 to 14. 

“The proper pH (Potential Hydrogen) of the water within the body is 7.0 percent (between 6.5 to 7.5 is the Healthy body pH Range)  and must be maintained throughout one’s life time.

“At 7.0 percent, you have moved from acidity to alkalinity, meaning that the water in your system  is alkaline (clean) such that no bacteria in your system will survive. 

“This is because it is free from acid. If it is acidic, any bacteria can survive; it begins to formulate all  forms of ailments.

Mrs Precious Uwa revealed that she joined the CleanShield Health Drink Network in February this year to help bring the alkaline health benefits to ignorant people.

She pointed out that  the product offers health solution to correct the body system that is acidic (bad)  and boosts body immunity.

She urged people to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits which she said contain alkaline and boosts immune system, especially when blood and water in your body is low.

The speaker said, “CleanShield is a wonderful liquid supplement when taken according to directives,  searches your body and identifies  ailments and treats them by normalizing the body’s pH.  

“By normalizing the blood sugar, it helps to check development of diabetes, cancer and fibroids, among others.

“God creates your body with strong immune system. When your body system (PH) is acidic, it means that the blood and  water in one’s system  is bad. 

“Immune system is something that corrects it.”

In a welcome address, the State Coordinator of the Seminar, Comrade Chika Andrew  Nwosu , said the Wealth empowerment seminar is aimed at providing  a forum to  create awareness on the alkaline health benefits to people.

He also warned them against poor health lifestyle and intakes of canned foods and drinks.

Nwosu stated that information is power and that is the reason why he decided to bring the alkaline health benefits to people through the product.

He added that  her late mother would have lived if he had known about the health benefits of alkaline contained in the products earlier. 

The State Coordinator said anybody’s system can survive any disease due to immunity but when your   body system is acidic, it cannot resist disease.   

He said the supplementary product helps to boosts the alkalinity in one’s body and help fight any form of disease.

Also speaking, the Head of Operations, Africa Health Solutions (Nigeria – Africa Office), Mr Japheth Ikpeoha said   the Clean Shield   is an alkaline  product that balances health  and is designed to stimulate the body to produce alkalinity and helps the body balance its potential Hydrogen (pH) levels.

It thus empowers  the body to resist many health-threatening conditions including cancer, viral infections, internal infections, acne, muscular pain,  low energy, joint pains, food allergies, panic attacks,  pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping, pre-menstrual anxiety and depression,  lack of sex drive,  diarrhea,  constipation,  mild headaches,   ulcer, diabetes,  malaria, typhoid, liver, arthritis, fibroids,  skin and eye problems.

He said the NAFDAC has certified the product as good, pointing out that  a balanced Cleanshield enables the body to perform at optimum levels such function as fat metabolism, healthy insulin production, healthy oxygen flow, smooth blood flow, blood pressure regulation, critical lipid, fatty acid and hormonal metabolism, cellular regeneration, DNA-RNA Synthesis, proper electrolyte activity and access to energy reserves.

Great Osibe, Awka


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