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Beyond Aisha Buhari’s Outburst – A Vital Agenda For Next Level

By Dr. (Barr.) Ben Chukwuka


As we thank God for today (Inauguration) let us not throw away Aisha Buhari’s outburst. If you dare to thoroughly investigate the data flaunted by Uwais and SIP, you will be shocked that 40-50% of their claims are false and only exist on paper.

I have written time and time again that government interventions from its agencies such as CBN, BOI, BOA, NIRSAL etc. just dump fictitious figures on us. 60-70% of their target beneficiaries don’t access those interventions.

The author, Dr. (Barr.) Ben Chukwuka

In this next level, PMB should consider respected, eminent and trusted men of integrity to investigate and verify the claims of these agencies because these interventions target the very poor and weak teeming masses in our population but unfortunately they end up in the pockets of the rich.

PMB needs to also call for overhaul of the processes of these agencies for efficiency and effectiveness. It is presently structured to be vulnerable to manipulation of the greedy rich, connected and powerful in our society.

Another reality is that corruption is still very much hale and hearty, after four years under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari.

We may wish to excuse it or find a thousand reason why it is so, it is a sad reality we must accept and must do something about.

So while I agree her approach may be faulted, let us not shut Aisha Buhari up yet. Beneath it lies some painful truth and reality that would surely benefit the next level.

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