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Biafra activists meet in Ghana, resolve to continue struggle


Biafra activists meet in Ghana


PREAMBLE: The meeting of All Biafran peoples and organizations under the auspices of All Biafra Conference (ABC) and organized by Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS) held in Accra, Ghana on 27 – 51 May 2016; conscious of the very excruciating and oppressive conditions of Biafrans in the state of Nigeria and continuous entrenchment of laws and institutions to continue the further repression of the peoples of Biafra by successive Nigerian governments; mindful of the compelling need to liberate the Biafran peoples from the shackles of oppression and repression, massacres, pogroms, marginalization and economic strangulation; desirous of the necessity for speedy achievement of independent state of Biafra by creating an umbrella platform for the achievement of independence, hereby agree and resolved;

1. That all nationalities and organizations that have hitherto existed for purposes of achieving Biafra have come together under the umbrage of Biafra Peoples National Congress (BPNC)

2. That BPNC will form a collegiate parliament composed of representatives of organizations and nationalities.

3. That Biafra shall be a state founded on Equity, Fairness, Justice, participatory democracy and egalitarianism and even development, consequently the administrative and political centres, shall not be concentrated in one location but shall be spread across Biafraland. 

These centres may include; Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Culture, Economy, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Defence, etc;

4. That the conference agreed to draw up a legal framework for the New Biafra state;

5. The conference demands for the immediate and unconditional release of all Biafran activists being incarcerated in the custody of the Nigeria state including; Nnamdi Kanu, Benjamin Onwuka Chukwuebuka Ikenwa and many others

6. The conference further demands that the Nigeria state should stop the killings and massacre of Biafra peoples and destruction of their properties under various guises including but not limited to judicial executions, extra-judicial killings by security agencies with criminal acquiescence of Fulani Herdsmen and collaborating with them in the massive violence and xenophobic attacks on Biafran peoples. Examples of these crime and atrocities abound: 

(a) The recent burning and destruction of stores in a section of the Ladipo market Lagos by sponsored Yoruba youths notoriously called Area Boys. 

(b) The genocidal invasion and massacre at Nimbo, Uzo-Uwani, Enugu State and surrounding communities by the Fulani invaders while the Nigerian state watched and did nothing 

(c) The raping and killing of defenceless women and children at Ugwulechi, Agwu Enugu State by Fulani Herdsmen while the Nigerian security agencies in ironic response, turned around to arrest about 76 hapless villagers.

(d) The recent unprovoked invasion of a prayer ground in Aba, Abia State by a combined team of Nigeria military and police during which 32 praying Biafrans were massacred.

7. The Conference draws the attention of the government of Federal Republic of Nigeria in its failure to adhere to the post conflict Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (3R) of the veterans of 1967-70 civil war. 

And in this regard the conference informs the international community of Nigeria’s Federal Government continuous prosecution of the civil war of 1967-70 through its official policy neglect and abandonment of veterans of the civil war of Biafran extraction at Oji River in Enugu State.

8. The conference demands that the Nigeria should live up to its international obligation to the veterans which she had long neglected and denied the ability to live normal lives.

9. The conference frowns on the attitude of Commonwealth of Nations towards the senseless, cruel, inhumane, degrading and extra judicial killings of more than 500 unarmed civilians of Biafran origin by both security apparatus of Federal Republic of Nigeria and pro-government militias under the disguise of Fulani Herdsmen.

10. The conference take into consideration that the Commonwealth of Nations has suspended Nigeria on the grounds of its deplorable human rights records following the unjust hanging of the 9 Ogoni activists including Ken Saro-Wiwa and continuous detention of MKO Abiola.

11. The conference rejects the blatant double standard of Commonwealth of Nations and the attitudes of individual member states of the Commonwealth visa-vie the overt extra judicial killing of pro-Biafra activists and citizens of Biafra community who are going about their daily activities.

12. The conference request Commonwealth of Nations to live up to its very norms and principles of respect to people’s rights to immediately being the process of expelling Nigeria from the Commonwealth of Nations based on the compliance of Harare Commonwealth Declaration of 1995.

13. The conference furthermore request that it is the right of the Commonwealth of Nations to respect its founding principles which it did over the killing of 9 Ogoni activits and which it must do now over the illegal arrest, incessant torture, detention and imprisonment of the Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, Ben Onwuka Chukwuebuka Ikenwa and other and other continuous, merciless and senseless killing of pro-Biafra activists.

14. The conference frowns on the silence of the global Christian leadership in the continuous attack of men and women of the flock in Biafranland, the burning of the Christian places of worship within the confinement of the territory of Biafra.

15. The conference noted with satisfaction the present reaction of the global Christian community over the attack of the members of Syrian Christian community and their places of worship by extremist elements of the Islamic faith. 

By this, the conference demands that the global Christian community should react in the same regard in the destruction of Christian places of worship in Biafraland and gruesome killings of members of the Christian faith in Biafraland.

16. The conference reiterates that it is the pro government militias that has turned political and important human rights discuss into one of religious intolerants.

17. The confab resolved and encouraged itself to continue the Biafra struggle selflessly united and without equivocation.

18. The conference thanked all individuals, organizations and countries that support the Biafra struggle. Special thanks and gratitude goes to OEAS for organizing the conference on behalf of Biafra peoples.

Agreed, approved and signed this 30th day of May 2016 on behalf of the conference by representatives of organisations and groups present.

Dr Chukwuma Egemba

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