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Biafra: Case of 19y.o. locked up in PH prison for treason

Yes, about two weeks ago, I reported here the case of a young girl (a salesgirl, teenager, and an orphan) who was mischievously arrested and mistakenly accused of treason in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

She has been in prison custody since November of 2015.

What is her offense? 

She was hiding in a store away from a protesting group of a pro-Biafra youth mob. 

When the mob cleared the street, the police came to this girl’s hiding place and took her along with some people she was hiding with. 

Before you could say Jack Robinson, they charged her with treason and threw her into jail, (and threw away the key).

Her story came to me and we decided to help her. 

We decided to help her because she has no money, no family and no one to speak for her. 

Without our help, only God knows how long she will remain in prison, if she ever makes it alive.

Because of the procedural history of the case, we were slow in gaining momentum. 

The case will come up in Court No. 3 of the Federal High Court, Port Harcourt. 

I have sent two lawyers to be in court to stand for me. 

We shall be taking over the case from the former lawyer who told me he could not do anything further, especially because he has not received a dime on the case. 

He is happy to find any other lawyer to take the case from him. 

Not only shall we take that case file from that lawyer, we shall also pay him for his services so far. 

So, we are going to pay that lawyer off.

The main goal in court is for us to take over the case. 

Once that happens, we will take steps to free the girl and also to quash this useless charge.

I will not be in court personally tomorrow. 

But I have two able lawyers who will execute a strategy that we developed for this case.


This is the story of the girl. 

ECULAW volunteered to represent this girl and those she was arrested with. 

Their case came up yesterday in Port Harcourt federal court. 

But the judge didn’t even show up and the Prisons didn’t bring her to court. 

Then to add insult to injury, they adjourned the case to May 25, meaning she remains in prison. 

They haven’t been tried and even the police that initiated the case seem no longer interested. 

Of all those arrested with her, this girl is the only one still in prison because she could not meet the bail terms because:

– she is poor, 

– because is an orphan, 

– because her only remaining parent, her mother, died last month out of depression and heartbreak after her daughter was arrested.

So, there is no doubt that our courts have become an instrument of injustice. 

I’m very close to challenging the judge involved in this show of shame personally. 

If this were a rich man’s child, this judge will show up in court. 

It is a pity really, but if I face a judge that I think is inept or corrupt I will tell him so to his face. 

I can’t wait to find out what is wrong with this judge. 

If the police are corrupt and inept, is the judge corrupt and inept too? 

I can’t wait to look this judge in the eyes. 

This is not justice. 

This is a show of shame. 

How can that judge sleep at night?

The story according to OTIMESTV:

On the 12th of April, Miss Amuche Destiny a 19yr Old Biafran girl from Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State was arraigned in Federal High Court 3 Port Harcourt.

Miss Amuche was unlawfully detained on the 10th of November 2015, from the Shop where she works as a Sales Girl.

[That] following the peaceful protest of the Indigenous People of Biafra and was charged for Treasonable Felony.

Amuche Destiny who is presently an orphan, after losing her Father some years back before her unlawful detention, she lost her Mother who is presently in the Mortuary.

Following an interview granted by Destiny Amuche’s immediate elder brother Master Success Amuche to Ibeh Gift Amarachi of Family Writers, he stated:

“Amuche is my Younger Sister and she is Nineteen (19) of age.

Was unlawfully detained in the shop where she works as a Sales Girl, on the 10th of November 2015 when the Indigenous People of Biafra had a peaceful protest.

Destiny went to work and never joined the peaceful protest, but was arrested in the Shop because her Boss is a member of Ipob.

My Family had no idea of her whereabouts until a Church member saw her picture on the newspaper and then gave us the report of our missing sister.

It hurts my family so much, as presently my elder brother Michael Amuche has suddenly developed mental issues.

He can’t take the news of our little sister suffering in that dungeon they call Port Harcourt Maximum Prison.

I plead that the World, will allow Justice prevail”.

The case was adjourned to 25th of May 2016, which means this Nineteen year Old Girl will still be rotting away in Port Harcourt Maximum Prison till then.

It is paramount to state that, this 19year Old Innocent Girl was not caught protesting, but was arrested and have been detained in Port Harcourt Maximum Prison November 2015 up till today, because she works for her Boss who joined the Ipob peaceful protest.

Nigeria is the only uncivilised Country where peaceful protest is prohibited and tagged “Treason”.

Your human right is been violated and spat on. 

You have no right to let the Government of Nigeria know, how you feel over the barbaric and inhumane acts against you and the poor masses, if done you will be charged for treason, arrested and in most occasions assassinated.

We are calling on the world, to let justice prevail.


Emeka Ugwuonye

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