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Biafra group alerts on “the Fulani strategic merchandise”

Urges Ohanaeze Ndigbo to wake up from their slumber


Salvation People Biafra Press Statement

“Even an imbecilic mind oftentimes denote with apt the nocturnal movements in our community while the sound minds hibernate with deep snoring”.

It is on this premise that Salvation People (SP) Biafra has delve to translate the current merchant form of insecurity by misinterpretation, propelled by the strategic Fulani empire through systematic financial empowerment and coordination devoid of a legal backslash of the system, in the current kidnapping business and negotiation dole financial strength for ultra-modern arsenals to the bandits, herdsmen etc.

Have you asked yourself why have banditry and killer herdsmen not been rounded up like other militia groups? Does it means that the North has thick and impregnable forests than the South?

Why is it that even in the North, only the Fulani has the power of force with impunity whereas any other tribe that try such is squarely dealt with? It simply delineates the fact that something undertone is playing.

My little study of the Futa Djalon migrants consistently depict some traits: they love to terrorize community. They are constant with their plan no matter how disjunctured or fragmented it may look – there’s underlying coordination streaming link.

They love POWER (rulership or governance). They sow seed of mistrust and doubt on community they hope to invade to make them porous and with weak or few hands. They have tactical cord straining from the top hierarchy to the lowest field agent – and this transcends into generations.

Have you asked yourself why is it that a shoe shiner in a far away state can call the IGP over his matter and he will intervene? However in all these, I boldly say we are more than conquerors through Christ that strengthen us!

The last punch of total destruction of a race hovers on what I call Ideological Starvation by confrontational superiority of the two social class engine that drive the force society: the Elders and Youth. If the present existential social distancing between our elders and youth be not hastily amended, we all will live to regret it.

How could a youth stand aloof and celebrate the castigating of his elder(s)? How can an elder watch with ease the showmanship killing and arrest of his youth without making a single hiss? That was what the enemy wanted and we are yet to disengage ourselves from this Afonja’s attire.

The reason it seems the youth are dominating in opinion is simply because we are in the age of Biafra Consciousness and our elders have not devised means to manage and streamline the pool of information and ideological rebirth within our social dialogue.

The current torrent wave of Biafra nation-state has no alternative to palliate this clamor even the Nigeria President of Igbo extraction. Among the Youths the blood stream is charged, wired and circulated within the hemisphere – Biafra.

In view of this I, call on Ohaeze NdiIgbo to convocate a stakeholders meeting of Igbo groups whether Biafra pursuit or Igbo President, whether Human Rights or Towns Union. Let there be a meeting to bridge this gap that short-circuit our agendas.

Haven establish the cardinal point of this Press statement, revolves around security l hereby reiterate my earlier position on my previous call for a localise security approach system in our towns and villages.

The primary level of security is to see something and say it. It has the capability of disfiguring the morale of an invader. In this direction I request Ohanaeze NdiIgbo to liaise with ASETU on a systematic and intelligence security networking through our native coordination from town to town intelligence collation, analysis and uniform response.

If these marauders are not pretending with their plans we should not be pretending that something is not happening. It is only a tree that was privy about its termination and was maintaining no shaking.

There is need for Security Summit now than there is for Igbo President 2023 summit because it only the living that does politicking and 2023 has a lot of security uncertainties around it. Our uniformed men should be made to fall in, in respect as our first line of defense, likewise our local vigilantes.

Lines of poem:

Our rural night life has been jeopardized…
We no longer ask for the moon…
Tales are generationally broken…not handed down again.
Our banter are no more called…folklore custodians – aged women are afraid of aliens forceful harvest of their natural taste. Our brave old men support stick collapse their weight…our force alive (youth) were lone rangers, without pristine advice the battle grew weak cos youth became orphans and whosever has no father suffers the shame of his community. Prisoners became freer er than our communities.
Confusion ensued, darkness, sorrow and blood…
But a twilight arise, embracing the cross and length of Eastern Region… BIAFRA NATIONAL COUNCIL (BNC) Salvation People affiliated.
Only in God’s strength we shall win.


1. We need to set up a Strategic and Burden bearer prayer network of willing people.
2. There should be at least quarterly meeting of all Igbo groups and Ohanaeze NdiIgbo.
3. Our people in the North and South West should be compelled or encouraged to bring their investment down to East.
4. Igbo Elders, Ohanaeze, ADF etc should work for better unity with Ijaw, Efik etc of Old Eastern Region.
5. There has to be a political will and governance (through state Assemblies law), to profile all inhabitants in our Bush to underlay a clean cut assessment in case of eventuality.
6. Our people Overseas should be charged with the responsibility to open a friendship Corridor for our people by engaging in talks with their host government.
7. Our State Assemblies should be called to make laws revolving within our existential phenomenon.
8. Our Traditional Rulers should be strengthened through our mass support to the status of there Northern counterpart or even above them.

With genuine heart on the plight of our people I reman:

Comrade Osita Chukwu
Leader, Salvation People (SP) Biafra

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