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Biafra Heroes Day: Bakassi Peninsula totally deserted as Biafra group takes over water ways

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


As the Igbo extraction of Nigeria across the globe are commemorating Biafra Heroes day, commercial activities in the old Eastern region have been completely crippled.

Millions of the Igbo people are in their various homes praying and mourning for over 3 million of their own who died in the infamous Biafra-Nigeria civil.

However, a pro Biafra group operating under the name of Biafra Nations League whose operational base is in Bakassi Peninsula said it has taken over the water ways in Bakassi.

The separatist movement in a statement said both fishermen, boat riders deserted the water ways as to enable the the group enforce ban on foreign vessels

It said, “Bakassi Peninsula completely shutdown since yesterday, fishermen, boat riders desert water as we enforce ban on foreign vessels.”

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