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Biafra in The Minds of Her Citizens, Failures And Successes


Comrade Edeson Samuel, National Director for Information, MASSOB led by Mr Uchenna Madu said: The pains we experience in the struggle are many,

including finance difficulties due to the initial sell out by the former leader.

It now made all those who love and sponsor MASSOB became angry and withdrew their assistance.

 The misleading belief and hope that Biafra independence has been granted  an observer status in United Nations General Assembly through the former leadership of Chief Ralph Uwazurike. 

The people at last found out they were all lies. 

It then made some Biafrans to feel betrayed.

The continuous mass killing of our members by the Nigerian security agents.

The arrest and detention of our people by the Nigerian Police.

We therefore regret:

That our politicians and so called leaders have failed to support the struggle for the freedom of our people.

Unlike the Northerners who gave maximum support to Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen and the like.

All these groups in the North are known as violent groups but they are being massively supported, sponsored and protected by their leaders.

But on our own side, despite our avowed peaceful disposition our so called leaders are all afraid to identify with Biafran groups.

Successes so far:

We have made a lot of success especially since the inception of this new leadership of MASSOB led by Uchenna Madu.

As am talking with you now, our leader and some of the executives of MASSOB are right now in Ghana attending a conference being organized by Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS).

We have also written to some countries for assistance and we have got replies from them.

We have also engaged some group of consultants and they are now helping us move the struggle internationally.

In few months to come, we shall be attending another conference in Europe.

Nnamdi Kanu:

On the side of Nnamdi Kanu, this is one of the pains we have been experiencing. 

Our leaders who are supposed to demand for Kanu’s release are running away because they do not want to be identified with the Biafran struggle. 

Nigerian security agents never obey rule of law, human rights never exist in Nigeria because if they do, Nnamdi Kanu would have come out of prison long ago. 

But in all, no amount of arrest, detension or even killing will stop us for the liberation struggle to set our people free.


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