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Biafra: IPOB Members Numbering 68, Languish In Owerri Prison ~ FWP


It is painfully unfortunate that family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), are being hounded, hunted, arrested and detained at will by the Nigerian security operatives through the criminal connivance of some sabotuers both within and without.

Prison facilities across Biafraland are dotted with quite a number of unarmed, innocent and detained IPOB family members for just being Biafrans.

Precisely on Sunday 9th of August 2020, at about 9:30am, sixty eight (68) IPOB family members including men and women that embarked on a baptismal trip to Egbema, were arrested on their way by the over-zealous Nigerian police officers and taken into custody for six good days amidst torture, hunger and victimization.

Some of them were inflicted with varying degrees of injuries.

On Friday 14th August 2020, they were arraigned in court in Owerri with hearings adjourned for Monday 31st August 2020.

On this very day, they got to the same court only to learn that there would be no court sitting.

On Wednesday 16th September 2020, the IPOB members appeared yet again in court as rescheduled for hearing but that never was any hearing as the matter was further adjourned to Friday 2nd October 2020, which still was another dribble.

Some of the detained brethren have fallen seriously ill, weak and emaciated and in dire need of urgent medical attention.

The Supreme Court appointed Administrator of Imo state, Senator Hope Uzodimma in his crave to subserviently massage the interest of his Aso Rock masters, has reportedly obtained a court order to arrest and detain anyone, anytime, with draconian authority to solely determine when such an individual or group of individuals would either be arraigned in court or set free.

This is where the fate of our brethren hinges and what they are presently passing through can only just be imagined.

The Imo State Governor has authoritatively vowed to keep the unjustly detained IPOB members incommunicado.

We owe our brethren this duty of getting the global community duly alerted pertaining their ordeal.

They need justice and that immediately too.

Written by Family Writers Press International

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