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Biafra‬ is the greatest lie Nigeria has brainwashed me about


I survive even though seriously marginalized. I no longer want to be a Nigerian. I will help work with getting Biafra thru a referendum and change that region. The future is here. Let’s stop recycling these military types.

Biafra is the greatest lie Nigeria has brainwashed me about. The heroes of yesterdays were not heroes. Awolowo starved children as finance minister on the orders of Gowon. Gowon slept with an Igbo woman and a son came out of that who became a convicted drug dealer serving 22 out of 45yrs in the United States then deported quietly last week.

Murtala Muhammad got an airport named after him when he ordered the 2nd infantry div to massacre 700 innocent men in Asaba, Delta state raping their women and girls because they were Biafra sympathizers. 

Today, Buhari our Nigerian leader has our Biafra leader ‪‎Nnamdi Kanu‬ locked up. Buhari helped overthrow Gowon when I was 11yo. I followed it all in my love for current affairs which made my second degree journalism today. What hurts me most is that Buhari was made Governor of Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Bauchi, Gombe, Taraba which was Northeastern state then. 

To see him lose control of what’s going on up there today shows poor leadership. When NNPC was created in 1977, I was 13y.o. Buhari was our Minister for petroleum. N2.8B went missing from our account in Midland bank in the UK. IBB blamed that fraud on Buhari. In 2008 they both said that Abacha never stole a penny. Yesterday it was all about persecuting Biafra lady Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala saying she diverted Abacha loot to a Hausa man who was supposed to buy arms with it and fight ‪‎Boko Haram‬. 

So Dasuki got over $300M from Aunty Ngo? I thought Abacha never stole a penny? The 53 suitcases Atiku help him smuggle thru MMA after his 1984 trip to Saudi Arabia contained cash for all I care. Never any accountability. Just like his party APC moving tribunals to Abuja, declaring all elections inconclusive. 1984 human rights record tarnished.

The same law King Buhari used to drug transportation minister looter, Umaru Dikko into a crate being shipped to Nigeria and the same for Fela Kuti locked up 2 yrs. for carrying a tiny amount of foreign currency heading to a US tour. 

Yesterday was ‪Human Rights Day.‬ Buhari tweeted nothing and yet has 3 verified Twitter accounts. IBB my father’s friend came to our house Dec 27th, 1983 to tell his friend to put us back on the plane and leave Nigeria as he was gonna have a coup. It was IBB’s coup with Buhari and Idiagbon fronting for him. Watch my videos. I told the masses on the streets.

We were home for Xmas to celebrate my dad’s governorship as my sister and I were not at the October inauguration as we were in school. It was only gonna be 3 months. I was starting to enjoy being the First daughter of Oyo state. I remember when Buhari arrested 500 politicians and businessmen and my dad was sleeping on the floor at Panti when he detained them all. 

He was released along with late Gov Olabisi Onabanjo, late Governor Onoh (Bianca Ojukwu’s dad) and others who didn’t loot. Late Gov Bola Ige and others were transferred to Kirikiri and other locations. Buhari says he’s the master of ending corruption. IBB said he couped, him taking back the government because GMB could not fix the economy. None of them could. 

Today, I have 3 FIRST Class US degrees and all I do is blog world and health news on a social media platform when I could be in 17 different federal ministries. They won’t use my talents yet Americans will. 

I survive even though seriously marginalized. I no longer want to be a Nigerian. I will help work with getting Biafra thru a referendum and change that region. The future is here. Pls watch my featured video. Let’s stop recycling these military types.

I am truly sad and thus passionate about Biafra. It does not matter if Kachikwu, Linda Ikeji, Charly Boy, Agbani Darego, Cock-Rochas or any other public figure Biafran ignores us. I will be the first woman in Nigerian history to publicly leave one tribe for another. Most of them will go down eventually.

Please accept me as a Biafran. Let the work begin. We shall overcome. I will kick off my social media tour in eastern Nigeria in 2016. Stay blessed.

Chukwu Is Watching!


Madam Kemi Nkem Omololu-Olunloyo

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