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Biafra National Guard is the pride of Biafra agitation

In 1967; late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, the commander in chief of Biafra armed forces declared the sovereign state of Biafra. Afterwards; Biafra existed as an independent nation for three years but lost her sovereignty to aggressors who waged thirty months war. In the end, Biafra was re-annexed and got unofficial status of slave in Nigeria.

Our late commander in chief was often touted as the man who saw tomorrow; but one of the tomorrows’ we did not see was his insistence on another state military that would stop second intimidation and slaughter of our people. He foresaw that today would come again and he morally and financially prepared BNG. A shrewd military that talks less.

When Ojukwu set the tone for the dominance of BNG with Thirty Million Naira sponsorship; many thought he was showing indelible attitude of a warmonger- little did we know he had foreseen today. One of the missions that triggered Ojukwu’s blessing of BNG was bombing of a Mosque in Nsukka in 2000s.

Remnants of the 1967 declaration exist and like the nation legally existed for three years; components of the nation remain legal but dormant. In compliance with the peace accord; RRR was negotiated which Nigeria failed their own end of the bargain. Having betrayed the peace accord; the nation went back to the root in search of remedy to a deprived right.

The search for justice has led Biafra into many actions; starting from 1999 to date, the people of Biafra have been on the long search for justice. Recently; illegal squadrons named Unknown gun men surfaced and began to vent their anger on Nigeria security personnel. Unfortunately; they raised guns in our territory and ended up causing security breach. Unlike Unknown Gun Men; BNG is a legal state military that has been showing professionalism since inception.

Military is the bedrock or foundation of nationhood; no nation can exist or no sovereignty can sustain without military defense. In an effort to defend the sovereignty of Biafra in 1967; Ojukwu declared Biafra with thirty thousand soldiers. In the twilight of late Ojukwu’s days; BNG was endorsed and primarily funded by him but the project was disrupted after the surrender of his most trusted field commander in the person of retired General Innocent Orji. Orji’s light went off and Ojukwu lost his faith, although Innocent Orji has been subtituted, his surrender in 2007 had massive negative impact on Ojukwu.

UN charter made issue of self-defense free of any illegality; on that hinged the formation of BNG to stop another genocide and the people of Biafra are unapologetic about the fact lives must be defended. Our late commander in chief put his life on the line defending his people and he knew a time would come when he would be needed once more to do the needful.

BNG is the pride of Biafra agitation not only because sovereignty can be found in it but because it was designed to understand the intrigues of our unique problem.

No strong nation with potentials has ever existed without her military and Africa has shown force is the doorway to freedom. BNG was well drilled by late Ojukwu to understand the cost of freedom and know the doorway. The driving force of Ojukwu’s popular saying that only force can restore Biafra was down to the trust he had in BNG.

Today, the pride of Biafra agitation is shining on us. BNG is a legal state military of Biafra and taking back the lost sovereignty of Biafra is a mission that must be completed. A military flag of authority was hoisted to announce a presence- long live the state of BIAFRA.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative Journalist

Writes from Enugu


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