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Biafra or Black Emancipation: How the Brittish conned Nigeria

*By the author of “Biafra or Black Emancipation: Opening the eyes of black people”

In life, one is either blessed to have responsible parents or irresponsible parents. In fact there are such parents who are only parents just because as men, they only found themselves between the thighs of a woman and as women, they found a man between their thighs and did not want the baby after all.

In much the same way, we have countries, colonized or not and some countries like Nigeria have colonial parents. Having the British as a “colonial parent” is the most catastrophic part of having colonial parents. The British as colonial parents is a visible representation of being unfortunate to have an irresponsible parent. The British as a colonial Parent to Nigeria is so woeful that no one including the mentally enslaved ones can point to any good things they have done for the country. In fact, every evil that has befallen Nigeria can be traced to the British. Every divide you see in Nigeria today originates from and came from the UK.

By way of example, let us quickly remember that the British only came to the shores of what is now Nigeria from the Bight of Biafra after the Portuguese had arrived and were to a large extent doing Business with the people there. The coming of the British ushered in a period of Darkness, fraud and impunity that has remained so to this day. Let us not waste our time on slavery or the fact that the British killed all the local kings that opposed the slave trade and that remained the foundation of the “opposition being enmity” that you see in Nigeria today.

The British appear to be a people who enjoy lies, live lies, drink lies and worship lies. In fact, the British are lies themselves. Everything the British has spoon-fed us with appears to be a lie and one typical example is the so called creation of Nigeria in 1914 by Frederick Lugard and how his wife named the new country Nigeria. Nothing can be further from the truth than this. In a book published in 1902 called British-Nigeria by Mockler-Ferryman, the name Nigeria was used, so if it was Flora Shaw or whatever her name was, who brought the name, how come it was used in a book published in 1902?

Just in case you still do not get it because black people like deceivers and that’s why they like the British — We were being taught in School for almost hundred years now that Frederick Lugard did the amalgamation and then called the Product Nigeria which was a name suggested by his girlfriend Flora Shaw in 1914. How come the same name was used in a book published in 1902 long before the amalgamation fraud? Please look at the Book at https://goo.gl/7pYxjX

By way of history Frederick Lugard was a British terrorist who ruled the Northern protectorate from 1901 – 1906, resigned or politically transferred to Hong-Kong and brought back circa 1912, to do the amalgamation in 1914 – how come the name was already in use and we are being lied to that his girlfriend coined it from River Niger?

A few weeks ago, someone pointed this out to me; I did not believe initially but went to research it.

You may choose to ignore these questions, but remember they have ripple effect? It is probably after they saw that some black people have started asking questions that they used their lackeys to stop history from our schools. The effect of these lies going unchallenged is that it makes a mockery of our education, our researchers and our ability to reason. Frederick Lugard himself had told us that we do not grieve about the past nor apprehensive about the Future – (Lugard, 1922); we must never remain as “foolish” as our forebears were with the British nor allow the calibre of Obasanjo, Buhari and Gowon to handover the “baton of foolishness” to the next generation.

Have you imagined how a white man who may have researched this will be looking at you as a Nigerian professor talking rubbish of how Nigeria came to be by Lugard?

Having seen the lies the British are made of, it becomes pertinent to examine the lies they live with and the fraud they deceive us with. The activities of the British within us has been that of subjugation and making us appear foolish the world over. We need to also remember that when the British got tired of slavery, they claimed to be the ones that stopped it and no longer made any mention of the numerous kings they slaughtered for opposing the slave trade.

In case you have never taken time to examine the British fraud and lies, let us go through them especially to show how unfortunate it has been for “Nigeria” to have the British as “colonial parents”.

In the pre-independence era, the British justified the bombardment and killing in the old Eastern region by saying they were fighting to stop human sacrifices. This we all know was a lie because the Aro were fighting against the British and imperialism. They also resisted slavery and colonization.

The hand of the British had been seen in all unfortunate incidents since Nigeria Independence.

The Nzeogwu coup fraudulently tagged Igbo coup mainly due to the one sided killing of Northern politician and some Western ones, with British incitement was moved from a completely military affair to civilians.

Peace they say is not the absence of conflict but the ability to resolve the conflict when it arises. Conflicts exist between siblings, families, couples friends etc. but when a parent incites one sibling against another or a third party incites a spouse against the opposite, we all know the result or outcome.

This has been the role of the British since it created Nigeria. The British were consultants to the 1966 counter coup and also selected Gowon as the head of state ahead of Murtala Mohammed to conceal any religion underpinnings. 

On a side note, the British already had a misconception about “Ibo” which they brought from somewhere else as available documents show. In Travels in Eastern-Africa, with the Narrative of a Residence in Mozambique: Volume 2 by Lyons MacLeod published January 1, 1860, a number of mentions of the Ibo in East Africa were made. There were things like Governor of Ibo and so on which was already a name that stokes terror in the mind of the British, how then did they bring it into Nigeria?

Even if we assume that the Nzeogwu coup could have been an Igbo coup, the role of the British as a bad parent was obvious as they incited the North to more bloodshed and violence. The British suggested to the coupist to use Gowon instead of Murtala Mohammed to masquerade the possible meaning of religion being a motive.

The British explained to the world that the people of the old Eastern region who they collectively referred to as “Ibos” following the pogroms were leaving to come and enjoy the oil money.

The British it was that talked Gowon out of the Aburi accord that would have prevented the war.

The British misled the North to believe that they have nothing even when they (the British) have superlative interest in Zimbabwe that is not only landlocked but has no oil.

The British engineered the mantra of Ibo domination and brainwashed the North with it.

The British incited the war and talked Gowon out of anything like oil sharing or resource sharing.

The British gave Gowon the “divide and rule” state creation that he did just before the way, lying that the minorities were demanding for their own state – in what was a regional system. Look at it – Minorities asking for their own state in a regional system and not their own region? Since the same minorities started asking for self-determination and resource control, where were the British and their lackeys?

For those who think they had a point, was it Itsekiri and Ijaw or Efik and Ibibio that asked for their own state? Just before you expose your ignorance, Lugard himself acknowledged the existence of 300 ethnic groups in the North, why were the minorities there not asking for their own states? You can read Lugard’s Book at https://goo.gl/pVBLnN

We may have been blind but remaining blind in this information age is stupidity.

One important note about the British lies and its pattern is that they can easily be debunked if you unbundle them for example: When the British said, the minorities wanted their own state, if anyone had asked them which of the minorities or who in the minorities made the demand, their lie would have collapsed.

For the records, the British and whatever they have against the Igbos like the death of the Lander Brothers and the Igbo resistance, it appears they are mixing up a lot of things.

Records show that Ibos are in East Africa – Look at the book called ethnography of African races published 1837 by James Pritchad. It had the Igbos as Eboes https://goo.gl/sXo4Sp

Compare the Ibo recorded in the publications “Accounts and Papers of the House of Commons Great Britain. Parliament, House of Commons January 1, 1858, digitized by Google here https://goo.gl/7FhKcT

You will be seeing things like Governor of Ibo, and the Ibo is around Mozambique; so were there “Igbos” in Mozambique?

You can see that the British had a stereotype of “Ibos” which they transferred to the Eboes or Igbos in Nigeria and used that to pitch blacks against each other

Example: During the Biafran war, the British justified the continued bombardment of the Biafra republic territory on another lie that the Ibos planned to kill all the minorities if they won the war (Read it again – Ibos planned to kill all the minorities if they won the war) Yet the same minorities existed peacefully with them in one region, and above all – who have they killed before? Who can beat the North in bloodshed in black Africa? Do you see the British treachery here?

Apparently, the people may have believed them because of the Existing stereotype of “Ibos” in the Mozambique as per the documents shown in https://goo.gl/7FhKcT

Please don’t get me wrong but to better understand what I am saying just ask yourself – The British has always supported and supports the North, can you name one good thing they have ever done for the North? Can you point at a school in the North that they built for them?

All they do is use them to subjugate blacks and syphon our resources in such a way that before our eyes open, we will be left like bones.

In the 60’s while many countries were fighting against Apartheid and called for sanctions against South Africa, the British remained adamant with their support of apartheid. The same British was able to still convince Gowon, Obasanjo, Buhari, Adekunle et al to take sides with them to slaughter fellow blacks in a project that only shows that blacks are indeed animals as Lugard said or at best not sensible humans as Botha said.

Please, do not misconstrue this for anything other than trying to open our eyes to what is behind the British mask. It is common knowledge that the British supports Muslims in everything. I personally think the British do it with fraud and treachery in mind. In Frederick Lugard’s book, he wrote “Islam as a militant creed which teaches contempt for those who are not its votaries”, panders to the weakness of the African character-self-conceit and vanity (Page 77 -Frederick Lugard). He went further on page 78 to say “Mr Bosworth-Smith shows that it is a religion incapable of the highest development but its limitations suit the limitations of the people -(Lugard, 1922)”

I am not sure what more anyone needs to understand the British game of subjugating blacks. Don’t get me wrong, we must look for a way to wean the North of the milk of mental slavery they are fed with from the British. It is clear that the British are the evil and all the problems Nigeria has – most nations that are doing well today expelled the British and their fraud and retained things that made sense to them.

Recently, we heard the British say they were willing to help develop Niger Delta. You can read it here http://goo.gl/nj75rH

But ask the British to itemize what they consider development and listen to their lies.

On a side note, the North they claim to love is an example of the British definition of development. Please show us what they have done for the North? Ask the British where they have been since 1960 that they now want to come and help develop Niger Delta? 

The same British came through Tony Blair to say he will help Governors to fulfil their campaign promises- Are black people stupid to this level? Tony Blair a 1975 graduate of Oxford, is coming to tell a Governor who perhaps holds a better degree than him how to fulfil promises he or she made? Well, black people wondering why Oyibo thinks we are all foolish – it’s things like this—Look at it ooh – The governor in your state promised you before the elections that he will build a school, but now he needs Tony Blair, a former British prime-minister and confirmed terrorists who invaded Iraq with George Bush, and converted from Anglican to Catholic after he left office as British Prime Minister because of politics is now coming to help the Governor fulfil the promise he made to build a school or whatever? Is this not enough insult?


In case, you wonder what is going on, Blair is anchoring on Frederick Lugard’s manual of subjugating blacks to do all this. If you can go read Lugard’s book Pages 69 & 70 and you see why Blair has the temerity to be offering us stupidity and blacks celebrate him. 

Immediately after Goodluck was rigged out, Blair came to Nigeria to tell Buhari to “crack NNPC to succeed” – all the mediocre political economists did not ask Blair why he did not crack BP or British Gas to succeed, next they tell you those companies are quoted, Please ask them why he is not teaching us how to have all the oil companies quoted like they have them quoted in NYSE, LSE, ASE, etc.

By way of education – the stock exchange is a way of redistributing wealth and creating wealth. It is what prevents those that have from having more than enough and those who do not have die of hunger. It also prevents domination. In case you don’t understand it, let us use two companies like Innoson and Dangote as Examples.

When these companies are genuinely quoted, it helps to make the money go round. Let us say Innoson makes a lot of profit from manufacturing and selling cars. Innoson can be in Anambra but used to feed people in Zamfara or Kano by using the stock exchange. 

This means, if Zamfara or Kano state Government buys 500 cars from Innoson, and many Zamfara people own Innoson Stocks, when the profit is shared, Zamfara people now benefit from the car company. Similarly, if Imo state Government has its citizens with Dangote Stocks, and Imo state buys all its cement from Dangote when the Profit is shared, Imo state people with Dangote’s stocks also make money.

Now the staffs and Managers of both Innoson and Dangote would be paying tax, that tax will now be used to pay welfare benefits to others who are either not working or handicapped (this is in a nutshell how the British Gas and BP in Tony Blair’s country works but the same Tony Blair has come to deceive Buhari with “crack NNPC to succeed” and tomorrow they claim an Oxford graduate is now better than a Uniport graduate simply because a Tony Blair can deceive Buhari who is a mere British lackey. http://goo.gl/PPQo51

This is why no one is talking of “domination” and “corruption” which are two words the British deceive Buhari and other lackeys with. If Blair and the British had been a genuine “friend” they would have taught Buhari that fighting corruption is simply having the proper Identity, with good record of incomes -so if both Dangote and Innoson in the example above paid taxes verifiably by filing taxes like they do in Blair’s country, corruption will simple be a matter of “Sir, your salary is 1 Million, why is your tax filing saying 500 thousand”. 

Compare the Blair and British fraud to what constitutes taxable income in the UK but Blair will not teach black animals that one – https://goo.gl/0j8ytv

We already know that in return for making Buhari President, the oil companies had an agreement with him to rig out every non lackey in the oil producing states. We have seen the handiwork in Delta, Akwa-Ibom, Rivers and Bayelsa. It’s unfortunate that even the educated politicians there have no honour that a human being believes that APC that could barely muster few votes could have actually won in states in the South-East and South-South. Atiku had hinted us about the plan long before today and the PDP has not made any effort to educate the masses whose votes are being stolen by the British and Buhari to create a reprehensive one-party state. What a shame?

Atiku said it http://goo.gl/xaIviW

It is happening and the likes of Nyesom Wike in Rivers instead of telling the masses the truth of the matter resorted to immortalizing Gowon to further show that black people have no brains. Gowon who was used by the oyibos to perpetuate the worst atrocity on black people is being immortalized – and I asked for doing what?

For siding with oyibos when Martin Luther King Jr., their age mate at that time, was fighting for basic rights for blacks sold by their forefathers into Slavery from the same Bight of Biafra he was fighting? For siding with the oppressor when Mandela and the likes of Oliver Thambo were being jailed for asking for basic rights for the same black people in South Africa?

For siding with the oyibos at a time house rental in the UK would carry lines like “no blacks, no coloured and no pets” – Gowon, Obasanjo, Buhari and all those who supported the atrocity of the war are the visible show of black shame and yet they are considered heroes.

As Wike has immortalized the Oyibo lackey called Gowon, has it changed anything? Will they still not rig him out or try to? For those who talk about performance with this type of sword dangling on anyone’s head – how can such a governor perform? The North traditionally is ok with nonperformance, the Governors there don’t achieve anything in eight years and if you doubt, count or name what each Governor in the North achieved per tenure? The goal remains to ensure that lackeys are installed in the North to maintain a uniform level of stupidity across what they call Nigeria and educated people cannot see what is going on.

The interest of the North and Buhari in the South and oil producing states hinges on the British brainwashing that they must not allow any state develop faster. This is why you see a Kano person interested in the election in Bayelsa and Rivers even when their own state exporting beggars to the entire sub-Saharan Africa. You see the slavery and almajiri mentality when a Northerner struggling with Boko Haram is praising Amaechi when he has no single thing to do in his impoverished state.

We must work hard to emancipate the likes of Buhari, Gowon, Danjuma and Obasanjo from mental slavery and help them know that they are only being used by the British and other oyibos and also prevent them from transferring the “Baton of Foolishness and mental slavery of Oyibo worshipping” to the next generation.

Don Tommy

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