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Biafra: So, Amadioha Responded to Okorocha


“…even the Igbo god of thunder, “Amadioha”, cannot resurrect the project [Biafra] which is dead and long buried.” –Rochas Okorocha, January 16, 2016.

That was the inane statement made by a mediocre persona hoping to gain or improve his standing with a Nigeria that is still at war trying to destroy Biafra. That Okorocha is a governor only makes him an agent of corrupt, vicious and hateful Nigeria to be used in flogging the Igbo and Biafra.

In Biafra, it is doubtful that he could rise to be a governor in a Biafran system where only merit rules, and true popular support exercised through a transparent, democratic and representative instrument is the order of the day in politics. Even so, it has never been in the character, custom or practice of Igbo/Biafra to have a King or recognize a King, such as a mere governor of Nigeria has been anointed as and has become.

Since Okorocha invoked Amadioha, Amadioha answered him back not quite a few days later.  But, it was not by striking him down with characteristic lightning-and-thunder attribute of the mythical Igbo / Biafra god: that would do for an ordinary demi-god, foolish and without wisdom—a typical Nigerian god. Nothing would be learnt.  Instead Amadioha chose thought- and action-provoking life scenarios in riddles and proverbs, characteristic of Igbo / Biafra’s wisdom.

So, it was no surprise when some days later, news headlines started screaming thus:

Imo State is broke–Okorocha” 

NEWS: Gov. Okorocha Cries out ‘Imo State is Broke’

We Can’t Pay Salaries, Imo Is Broke

Well, try also the comments at Nairaland.

Okorocha had confessed and or admitted (on his own, no less!) that the state is insolvent; monthly wage bill has outstripped its monthly statutory allocation from the Federal Government; monthly servicing of the bailout fund has further compounded the situation.

And even started talking a little sense

“We cannot continue to patch a cracked wall as if all is well; we need to break it down in order to rebuild it,”

Although the predictable was unavoidable: of course, he also had to lie, something Nigeria has taught him so well, something that comes naturally for Nigeria:

Insisted that in spite of the financial dilemma of the state, no worker is being owed any salary.

Really, Mr, Okorocha? Can you explain the current fracas with the civil servants?

It is extremely doubtful that Okorocha has the disposition or capacity to understand

1) that this is his response from Amadioha

2) the form of this response, and finally,

3) the message in the response.

Therefore, let’s help him out.

Mr. Rochas Okorocha:

1) Do you now see why Biafra is necessary?

2) Can you comprehend that as long as the nonsense above is going on—which it has ever since 1970—that the people will always need, want and implement an effective solution? It is called Biafra!

3) You speak of ““We cannot continue to patch a cracked wall as if all is well; we need to break it down in order to rebuild it…” Great! What else did you think is the problem that is Nigeria, and the solution? Welcome to the spirit, purpose and spirit of Biafra!

4) Stop lying—at least publicly, and to the people! When you do, you will admit and acknowledge Biafra.

These things that have befallen Nigerian Okorocha’s Igbo and his reaction to them cannot and will never be allowed to happen in Biafra.  Amadioha does not need to resurrect Biafra: Biafra never even died. What Amadioha can do is to resurrect the truthful man—the Biafran—chained inside the slave, such slaves as the Rochas Okorocha’s of the world. The entire universe has joined in that task.

Now that Mr. Okorocha has challenged Amadioha and gotten his response, let’s see what he does with the answer.  We do not have great hopes that he will understand “…where and when the rain started beating him…” For that matter, he does not even recognize that he is constantly sopping wet from the unrelenting rain: how is he to distinguish when the rain has stopped?

Biafra lives.

Oguchi Nkwocha, MD, Nwa Biafra, A Biafran Citizen.

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