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Biafra Struggle: So Far, So Good?

*The IPOB perspective, by Comrade Tony Aniebue, who is the National Adminstrator of the Customary Govt of IPOB.

The problem of Biafra started long before now.

Because, immediately after the Berlin Conference of 1803 where Chancellor Bismark told the worl that his country, Germany was going down to Africa.

To take its chunk of the territory and the resources therein, his address sparked off a mad rush into the continental Africa.

So the current struggle is to re-enact and re-establish the remnants of the ancient Biafra that covered the entire Eastern Region of present day Nigeria.

Part of Southern Cameroun; Equatorial Guinea, Garbon, Fernando Po, São Tomé and Príncipe.

The empire of Biafra has boundaries with the Zamfara Empire of the north that covers Niger Republic, Chad region, Northern Cameroun.

And in the west it had boundaries with old Benin Empire that extended up to Togo through Equatorial Guinea.

When the struggle for partition brought the Europeans, there was an agreement between them and the Biafrans. 

The agreement was that they would do their business which was financial, without interfering with the governance of the land and the people’s custom and tradition. 

The document is still in the British archives today.

Copies of which have been filed as evidence at the Federal High Court, Owerri, in the suit by Bilie Human Rights Initiative.

Against the Federal Government in a representative capacity on behalf of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB).

Who are the survivors of the holocaust and genocidal war leveled on Biafrans by the Nigerian Government between 1967-70.

So there lies the beginning of the pains of the Biafran people. 

After the war which was now in the public domain where nearly four million (4m) Biafrans were killed with the intention to exterminate and annihilate Biafrans. 

Incidentally they failed.

A lot of oppressive policies have since been initiated by the Nigerian Government targeted against the Biafrans, thus:

– Divide and rule-carving Biafran land into pieces of artificial territories to generate tensions.

– The 20 pounds monetary disempowerment of Biafrans with the aim to appetizer our people immediately after the war.

While the FG was indegenizing the national companies like UAC, Leventis, UTC, etc. 

We had it on record that the huge money stolen from Biafrans were given out as “dash” to non-Biafrans to buy shares from those companies.

– The Abandoned Property policy- meant to be another vehicle to polarize us further.

– The brazen non-implementation of the 3″r” -of reconstruction, restoration and rehabilitation of the war-torn Biafra region by the Federal Government of Nigeria

– The continuous and incessant destruction of Biafra lives and properties in the guise of religious riots, Eg the Akaluka case

– Maitasine series

– Kaduna riots series

– Jos riot series

– Beauty pageant brigandage

– Salmon Rushdie book brigandage

– Denmark cartoon brigandage

– Palestinian-Israeli killings brigandage

– BOKO haram series- markets, churches, motor parks, etc.

– Fulani herdsmen serial carnage

– Imposition of Sharia

– Banning of freedom of Christian religion in the north near zero federal FG appointment series.

– Banning of Biafra businesses and mode of dressing in the north

– 2%/300% University & Federal schools oppressive admission policy for Biafrans

– Systematic burning, destruction and bombing of Biafra dominated markets.

– FG’s consistent disregard for the rule of law in the Nnamdi Kanu’s case

– Continuous violation of human rights of the Biafra people by the Nigeria Government.

– The continuous and imposition of agents of government of occupational governors, House members and the empowerment of riff-raffs of persons of no known value as leaders of the Biafran people.

– Non development of Biafra areas including roads and other notable life-enhancing infrastructures

– Absence of federal presence in Biafra land in the area of infrastructures of development, other than army and police.

– Government oppressive exploitation of mineral resources in the south, especially Biafra territories, while leaving open those in the north, especially solid minerals for charlatans.


– Being able to survive the civil war and frustrate the Nigerian government moves to exterminate Biafra.

– The successful establishment of MASSOB to awaken the zeal and consciousness.

– Mass mobilization of Biafrans by Radio Biafra.

– The local and international sensitization and mobilization of the Biafran people and the international community concerning the plight of our people here.

– The diplomatic achievement of Biafra in contacting the international community.

– The institution of a law suit by the Bilie Human Rights Initiative on behalf of the IPOB against the Nigerian Government.

– The re-establishment of customary government of the IPOB being led by its Supreme Council of Elders.

– The recognition given to Biafra and their customary government.

– Recognition of Biafra by world bodies and governments.


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