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Biafra: Uche-Mefor is the cause of the problem destroying IPOB ~ Emeka

Emeka Gift, a member of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), former National coordinator of the group in Ivory Coast and president of Family Writers Press (FWP), a media wing of the proscribed movement says Uche-Mefor, deputy leader of the movement is the sole architect of the problem that is presently destroying the separatist organization.

Emeka Gift and Uche-Mefor

Although, Emeka Gift in a statement said since the departure of the deputy leader of the movement, the struggle to restore the defunct nation of Biafra has improved tremendously

He said Uche-Mefor who is lawyer was planning to use IPOB to practice his human right law in which he studied with the organisation’s money.

Emeka who is a fugitive in Ivory Coast accused Uche-Mefor of being against the group in defending themselves and their people from the aggressions of what he described as Fulani Herdsmen, Police and army brutality.

He said, “Someone outside IPOB struggle told me that since the resignation of Uche Mefor our struggle has improved tremendously and I agree 100% with the person.

“Uche Mefor planned to use IPOB to practice his human right law in which he studied with our money.

“Uche Mefor is against us defending ourselves and our people from the aggressions of Fulani Herdsmen,Police and army brutality.

He further accused Uche-Mefor of stopping their leader, Nnamdi Kanu from defending their people even when he was reminded that self defense was not a crime.

According to Emeka Gift, the deputy leader insisted that the group shouldn’t confront their enemies even when the blood of their members were spilled in every corner and street of the region.

“He has stopped our leader in many occasions from defending our people, even when reminded that self defense is not a crime, he insist and keep saying we shouldn’t confront our enemies even when the blood of our people flows on every corner and street in Nigeria and Biafra land.

“Uche Mefor is very much interested in the video and pictures of our people killed, haven’t you heard him in many occasions asking our people in Biafra land to keep sending him pictures and videos of our people killed. His aim was to use those pictures and videos to experiment and practice his human rights law.

“The best thing ever happened to this struggle is the resignation of Uche Mefor. Uche is a sadist, dictator and very wicked that can’t forgive no matter what.

“From every indications and investigations, Uche Mefor contributed 80% of the problem rocking IPOB. The division and the enemities created in IPOB was as a result of the wickedness, primitive and myopic mindset.

“Uche Mefore has no moral right to accuse Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or anybody. The genesis of every problem rocking IPOB eminated from him. Trace all the inword crises and you will agree with me that Uche Mefor is the architec.”

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