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Biafra unity government through reconciliation is an attempt to politicize Biafra

By Ifeanyi Chijioke


Prior to the successful zoom meeting of different leaders of Biafra; I was duly informed and pre-debriefed about the meeting which I made clear that it is a waste of time and further making Biafra a political movement heading to nowhere. In whose interest is that reconciliation and consequential unity government?

Nnamdi Kanu has shown that Biafra can be a sustainable business or a paying political business hence it is now enticing to put up a platform that will make-believe ‘Biafra exist’ or live in its shadow. Nnamdi Kanu is receiving monthly contributions; although there seems to be a silent revolution- which was visible in the refusal of the people to cash him on his ESN business strategy. Politicians funding him or buying favour has also proved a good business. Yet, with unity government and reconciliation, they politicize Biafra, abandoning the real work for battle of relevance.

The truth that cannot be extinguished is; all active Biafran leaders are afraid of daring the sovereignty of Nigeria. However; there is a subtle determination to retreat to a corner where they can be barking and waiting for the oppressor to wither or get struck by a falling tree, then, they can come out and shout we have fought and conquered our oppressor. Nnamdi Kanu is doing exactly that; but with his inability to pull stakeholders together, thus, causing a divide that can destroy readiness for opportunity, it became clearer that he is even wasting his own time.

Biafran unity government presents that unity but not a unity to restore Biafra but a unity to share everything Nnamdi Kanu is privately sharing or enjoying pending restoration of Biafra by real men. Meanwhile; you cannot argue against the fact that unity will give better than what the UK based private liability company Nnamdi Kanu registered and managing gave us.

While brainstorming on the unity government; these leaders did not bother to involve public opinion-makers and public representatives of Biafra to defuse thoughts of leaders coming together to arrange how to once more use Biafra agitation at the expense of innocent people of Biafra, despite knowing the people of Biafra have lost trust. A time Nnamdi Kanu is trying to cash in on Eastern Security Network; I expected these leaders to be more proactive and ensure the people of Biafra are carried along.

Perhaps; these leaders are yet to come to term with the fact that Biafra is at a critical stage everything must be strategically done. There is a loss of faith and hope; people are walking away and have massive doubt and instead of organically embark on the journey of restoring faith and trust; they went to a zoom meeting to talk, after talking, they now come and present to us a unity government and everything will gel. We are waiting for them to address the people of Biafra; as they have privately reconciled, we are waiting to see methodological reconciliation because without methodological reconciliation, we are in for another round in a circle.

Without mincing words; these leaders just invited themselves and settled their various problems to enable smooth running of their various Biafra enterprises. The people of Biafra will reject whatsoever unity government from anywhere; what is more important to the people of Biafra is strategic and physical plan towards the restoration of Biafra. Biafra unity government cannot be by any mere declaration or press statement but result engineered statement.

This is not the first time of coming together and erecting one group or the other and time wasting is no longer needed in this struggle. There are simply two ways of restoring Biafra; by gun or by politics and while those that believe in political strategy can meet politicians or directly involve in elections, those that believe in gun can start and there must be a diplomatic synergy. When there is a diplomatic synergy; then methodological reconciliation is achieved in the best interest of the people of Biafra.

Political strategy cannot solely achieve Biafra and neither can arm strategy solely achieve it but arm strategy is more viable in a sole state than political strategy because arm can force dialogue or negotiation while politics needs a trigger. These leaders to have converged without Biafran opinion makers and public representative is template for futility.

Finally; what Biafra needs now is a methodological reconciliation and not personal reconciliation that has nothing or little to do with Biafra. If they are ready for Biafra; then, Biafrans of every ideology must sit down or be represented and strategies cast into one phase. Unity government is what comes during transition but when there is no physical Biafra; what is the need for unity government?

There is a lot of work to be done and instead of do your home work; you jump out to mark your home work. You start from the ground to lay a foundation and get a building done before roofing. We don’t need any form of unity government but united investment into politics and a trigger. Biafra is not a business suit wearing leaders can do alone; boot wearing leaders need to give suit wearing leaders the platform to effectively bring a change or deliver the long nursed lost nation. Nobody will be given the chance to waste our time for cabal-like selfish interest anymore or blind steps towards our emancipation.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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