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Biafra Vs Niger Delta: Don’t Let Them Go Alone! ~ By Tari Nemi

Sometimes I feel like weeping when I hear some of my brothers from coastal Biafra otherwise called Niger Delta talk. It shows how ignorant they are.

Sometimes I feel like weeping when I hear some of my brothers from coastal Biafra otherwise called Niger Delta talk. It shows me how ignorant they are.

My people don’t know what they face. They don’t know the strength of their enemies. They don’t know the friends that they have. We don’t know many things.

You will hear them say things like:

1. Igbos want our oil

2. Igbos cannot be trusted

3. How are you sure they will not bridge the agreement for referendum?

4. Igbos will dominate and oppress us

5. Igbos want to dominate our ports

6. Igbos have not consulted us

7. Igbos are expansionists, they want our lands.

8. Biafra is Igbo affair, we are Niger Deltans.

9. Let them have their Biafra and leave us alone, we are Niger Deltans.

I shake my head. I grieve because God bless me with an eye to see far into the future.

I am deeply pained because of what I can see already if we let Igbos go and leave us behind with the hope of fighting Nigeria for our Niger Delta referendum.

I see the Fulani soldiers flooded our creeks engaging our combatant youths actively shooting them consistently and our civilian population being taken out by Fulani herdsmen, secretly killing us in the cities as the Boko Haram soldiers are killing our combatant agitators in the creeks.

I see a bloody anger unleashed against the people of coastal Biafra because of losing their control over our brothers in the hinterland.

Remember, Yorubas will throw a blind eye to our suffering because they are cowards. The best they will do is whisper about it while their Muslim fellows among them will bring up unnecessary argument to suppress the little voice. 

The only people who will always stand by us, die for us if necessary and shield us (the Igbo) must have gone then and we will be left alone to face Hausa and Yorubas.

We will not survive it and our desire for Niger Delta republic will die a natural death and never rise again because the few that may be left may never be large enough to combat the enemy. Don’t forget, our oil is the only reason the Hausa Fulani are in same country with us.

Nigeria is too large for us to confront without our Igbo brothers. The Igbos have always been our shield. This is the main reason the northern Christians don’t want the Igbos to go, besides the oil.

Now I am not saying that we are weak, God forbid. But in war, not your strength win the war but your strategy, number before your weapons.


1. Biafra has never been an only-Igbo affair; Biafra has been in existence for more than 500 years as a country or region with her sovereignty and ran a unified economic system which ran from the coast into the hinterland and back to the coast and from the coast to the international traders (Europeans).

Our Ijaw kings signed business treaties with European traders in the name: Biafra, not Niger Delta.

Biafra tells more of our history (coastal Biafrans) than those in the hinterland. Throwing that precious name away and accepting the name: Niger Delta, our slave masters gave us is like selling your only heritage (your land) to buy a car.

2. Igbos are not trying to impose Biafra on us and imposing their terms on us but opening their arms of brotherhood saying, come; let’s build the world together. It is left for us to gather ourselves together and discuss with them. 

They are still waiting for us to do that and invite them to the discussion table. Let’s stop childish acts of rejecting the meal before you even know the type of meal that is being cooked.

3. Igbos want your oil yet you have seen them survive in the zoo without oil. In fact they are the only region doing without the oil yet they have more original billionaires than any other region in the zoo. Please think again!

4. Igbos are more wicked than Hausa Fulani yet no Igbo man has ever come to your community to kill you despite how close you are to them but those you claim are better than them travel from the far north to massacre you in your communities in the south-south.

Please don’t quote me wrong, I am not trying to say Igbos have no faults or they don’t make errors. Of course they do, they are humans. You don’t make your brother an enemy because you feel he behaves in a way you don’t like. 

We must realise that the wall between the coast and the hinterland is unreal; It is only a  fantasy created by our white enemies (Britain). 

They advised the zoo government to remove our identity (Biafra) that binds us together from the map and abolish the teaching of history from our schools so we will never know our roots.

They stole our history and heritage, divided us so that they can easily plunder our wealth using their puppets: the Fulani, to mastermind their game.

The time to play hide and seek is over. Let us gather ourselves together and approach the Igbos and discuss on how to build a better world together.

The time to act is now!

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