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Bianca Ojukwu’s Faux Pas on Peter Obi – By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

A Town Planner who is also a lecturer at Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra state was discussing with a Gala Distributor inside a Business Center when I walked in. They were with others familiar to me. We exchanged banters and compliments! I was not in the mood to discuss politics but they were deep into it.

Somebody alleged that Obiano’s wife Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano said Obi would not prosper politically for abandoning the All progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) , where he was like a colossus. Somebody insinuated that Obiano’s wife spoke out of context during the campaign that is even going viral and they mentioned 247ureports as alleging PDP Candidate Mr Obaze Oseloka directed Val Obienyem and Stanley Chira aka Oderaigbo  to make the seconds video where Mrs Obiano misspoke.

Obaze has no such infantile time and has never spoken ill against the office of the Governor, he has maintained his campaign on issues. Whether Obienyem or Chira made the video is not even an issue , the issue should be did Obiano’s wife say the contents of the video? Obiano’s men and team started the naked dance but Obaze restrained his core team from responding negatively.

I couldn’t stomach such fallacy because Ikenna Ezenekwe , owner of 247ureports is Blackmail personified. I know him and I can tell him that on his face. Just goggle few of the things he wrote and see how warped his mindset is with his blackmail. But I am not worried, all those he spewed blackmail for always ended up failing election. Now a blackmailer in chief is raising alarm of off limits. Shame! Obiano was the last person I expect to hire or do business with Ikenna or associate with him because, but for our combined efforts including Val, Oderaigbo and some others , Ezenekwe would have rubbished the chances of Obiano from emerging victorious. And because he knew nothing about his campaign, he fell for the crap. A story for another day!

Ikenna did it against Obi and failed. Ikenna did it too against Obiano when we were on the side of Obi for Obiano and failed. Let me not mention the names of the politicians he worked for but like a pack of cards we demolished all such rubbish and infantile campaign of calumny, hence the ferocious blackmails and propaganda against Obaze , but I assure you, he and his sponsors would fail again.

 Fake news! Obiano’s wife never said so. I stated with an air of finality as if I was a member of Obiano’s wife cabinet. Yes! Obiano’s wife may have said one or two funny things at the rally, it is allowed because, she wears the shoe, and knows where it pinches and wants re-election, but she has been able to restrain herself and her team from speaking ill of our former elegant first lady, Margaret Peter-Obi and the former first family unlike what happens around Obiano’s men and team. They kill in the night and attend the funeral in the morning. I told them Bianca said so and why.

And I quoted Bianca:  “Now I know that my late husband, Emeka Ojukwu’s house has not been demolished and it can’t be demolished.

“APGA is not the party that forgets her people but anyone who used APGA and left will not prosper politically.

“Anyone who was in APGA and comes back to ask you to vote for his new party, ask him of what he did with what my late husband, Emeka Ojukwu left for him’’.— Bianca Odumegwu-Ojukwu formerly Bianca Odinaka Olivia Onoh.

I was right and the main discussion ensued. Some one wanted to drag us into Obiano’s wives activities at the Ministry of Women Affairs and her usurpation of funds meant for the ministry but I know it was a trap. I didn’t utter a word. Another person mentioned that Hotel built by former Governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju and equipped by former Governor Peter Obi was turned to CAFÉ Hotel, pet project of the Governor’s wife. I decided to leave that scene for good, but the lecturer called me back and asked me a pointedly question. Who is the likely Governor of Anambra state, comes November 2017?

I thought I was smart. I said Tony Nwoye is good, Godwin Ezeemo is better and Oseloka Obaze is the best not adding that Osita Chidioka is excellent. I intentionally avoided mentioning Willie Obiano when I know he is the force majeure in the election because it is his first baptism of fire to set his records straight or join the ignominy club. He never campaigned to become a Governor . Now he has to show his projects or Mbadinuju would be better than him even with N20 Million projects deafening our ears already.

In that Business Center, there were about 10 people at the material point in time.  I was asked why I didn’t include Obiano, and naively, I told them Obiano would not return for a second term that he is an ingrate.

I was shocked at the hush on me by about five of the people around. I escaped a slap from one of the aggrieved who just received a mini bus from Obiano. They educated me on the feats Obiano achieved as if I come from the moon. They said that Obiano is the best among the pack as he achieved a lot in agriculture, industry , N20 Million per community initiative project, road infrastructure and civil service.

I appealed to them to mention them one after the other for us to analyze. Are you not listening to the Radio? That was when I know that this Obiano’s propaganda in the Radio and Newspapers is working magic. They could not mention one thing Obiano’s government has done in Agriculture but Anambra Rice, export of Ugu and Onugbu and endless MOU’s signed without anything on ground or any impact in employment index of the state. On road infrastructure, they did not even remember some roads he did in Aguleri but told me he provided street lightening. I reminded them that he has done 35 roads and evacuated Awka Electricity to Aguleri as well as three flyovers that made Awka , a London city whereas travelers kill people like fowls at the end of the three stretch flyovers and one enters one lane with mud terrain thereafter.

And I left as their level of information was on propaganda dished out by sycophants all over the place for pecuniary reasons. These sycophants are ready to kill, if you have a different view. They have bruised souls with lies and half truths that, an army of supporters have swelled due to promises of Elderado. The hundreds of Support Groups mobilized by Obiano’s hunch men are indeed spreading the propaganda.

I returned to the topic of the ranting of Late Dim Ojukwu’s wife against Peter Obi but none was interested to talk further on that after I set the records straight.

Though, Peter Obi failed my expectation to allow himself to be outsmarted by others when he was looked upon as the wisest. There was no APGA without Obi. He was the soul of APGA and probably still is? Everything APGA is known today was because of Obi including winning Abia state and Imo state by APGA before the era of decamping. He shouldn’t have left APGA? Obi put himself on the line to ensure Late Ojukwu was given a national burial. During the Ojukwu’s will controversy, Obi stood by her. It was historic and memorable. Obi stood by Ojukwu and his family especially Bianca when Emeka Ojukwu, Jnr was a torn in her flesh but today Bianca now speaks about Obi the Rock in rhetoric.

After the late Ikemba, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu died in 2011, former Governor Peter Obi made sure, Bianca Ojukwu, got all the best deserving of a star she is by virtue of her marriage to Ikemba and being a daughter of a former Anambra Governor as well as on her own an international personality as a former Pageant winner.

Bianca is today known as an international businesswoman, politician, diplomat, as well a lawyer. She was a multiple pageant titleholder. She won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant, and Miss Africa. She is the first African to win Miss Intercontinental. She combined honours degree in Politics, Economics and Law at the University of Buckingham and later transferred to University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Bianca’s dating of her father’s political associate, Ikemba, 30 years older than her is no longer news but it made waves in 1989 which led to her resignation as Miss Intercontinental, though she said her main concern was completing her education as a law student. She later married Ikemba at a lavish wedding in Abuja. She practiced law a little and owns Bianca Blend for cosmetics and interior decorating line Mirabella as well as Non governmental organization Hope House Trust in Enugu.

She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, the Political Party that was founded by her late husband Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu and which has maintained political power in Anambra State for over a decade.

Bianca was former Nigeria’s Senior Special Assistant to the President Goodluck Jonathan on Diaspora Affairs in 2011. She was later an Ambassador to Ghana and Spain before being Nigeria’s Permanent representative to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. These positions came to Bianca because of Peter Obi’s romance with Goodluck Jonathan , the President and leader of PDP, yet still a member and later BOT member of APGA. Am I wrong or right? Is it not a case of the Pot calling the Kettle Black? Obi has resigned from APGA quietly, yet he got insults daily for belonging to another Party.

My question was, by March 2011 what was Bianca Ojukwu when Peter Obi was Governor and pushed for her appointment in an opposition party, the PDP and she accepted it? Why did she not reject it and remain in APGA without portfolio?

Why was her late husband’s house not demolished when Obi was supporting her and was even accused of having an affair with her? Why didn’t she reject the offer but accepted to serve an opposition party, enjoyed all the appurtenances of the office, only to be sarcastic about the man that assisted her greatly. Why shouldn’t she keep her mouth shut and allow Obi and Umeh as well as Obiano resolve their issues and differences. She could have campaigned for Obiano without reference to Obi, or was she paid to say such inimical statements?

Yes! Obi ran like a child away from a party he spent a fortune building and never even gave a fight for Obiano to be the lord of the manor even when Obi supposed to be the Mafiaso General. He chickened out, believing to return with a bang as the mayor, but is he?

Now, Bianca is emphatically stating that Obi would not prosper politically for leaving the party for them without a fight and even satirically referring to Obi about her late husband when it is on record that without Obi there was no Ojukwu and there couldn’t have been heroic burial for him. Obi gave vent to Ojukwu’s forgotten glory. Look at me stressing over Bianca’s comment when 1/50 of what Bianca Ojukwu enjoyed never came my way during Obi’s regime. Some people rather slaved to enthrone this APGA government, rejecting mouth watering offers but I suspect they had no regrets because Obiano as a person is a good man despite he has been misguided by busybodies around government. Thus, his administration was idle for 3 years plus before N20Million community borrowed funds came into play. So many projects now being in the news would be historic after November 18th, 2017 for the propaganda is all encompassing. Bianca Ojukwu should watch it before she becomes a political baggage?

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