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Binis I Know Will Never Take Any History Of Lagos From The Yorubas


….. Ngbati people are thieves & land grabbers.  

First of all, I am one of the Yahooliganist and I am proud of that to checkmate the Ngbati, Ngbati Yahooliganist too. I am very proud of it and will wear it as a Badge of Honor it I die. 

Please get off this your emotional cacoon and face the raw facts. Why are you jumping out now to talk? You are among the Yorubas telling us that PH is not Igbo town, Igbos are land grabbers and the Ikwerres are not Igbos. 

You and your non Yahooligans didn’t tell us why Badagry, Kabba, Ilorin, Offa, Ikenne people and their towns are Yorubas but Ikwerre and PH is not Igbos.

Should we call the Yorubas, land grabbers, greedy, tribalist and confusionist for taking BINI peoples land of EKO too? ALUKO, the born devil and wicked tribalist stated here that Igbos are land grabbers to want to take PH form the Ikwerres. Is he one of the Yahooliganist too? 

Igbos are not re-fighting the war but we will not let you and the tribalist Yorubas write without responding to it. And we will not let you or anybody set the agenda on what will be discussed on the Internet.

Talking about war, there will be no war again because Yorubas and Northerners who fought the last war knew that Igbos will not fight is as a tribe under Nigeria but as a Nation with their own arms. And rest assured that Yorubas will not be bombing University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Ochanja, Ariaria, Eziachi and Ogbete market without Igbo war planes destroying UNILAG, UNIFE, UI, YABATECH, Adeyemi, Oshodi, Iddo, Shomolu, Oja Oba and Dugbe Markets.  

Don’t come here and intimidate Igbos with war your wicked people started because Igbos will not put that shit with the Yorubas again. You are old and young enough but chickened out and stayed by the side to praise poor peoples children to fight and die for you. 

Yorubas go around Nigerians causing confusion and you are now crying. The BINIS always say it that the Yorubas came from BINI and Lagos as EKO is their place. So why are you pointing your finger on Igbos?

You just think that the BINIS and other Nigerians love the Yorubas so much because everybody are in Lagos to share the Nigeria wealth starched there and you think it was due to the kindness of the Yorubas.

Yes, what you said in Yorubas is true about Nigeria. And you achieved that during the war in the absence of Igbos. So Wharfsnake don’t need to do anything about it. 

And with this, I rest my case.

 Chukwuma  Agwunobi,  Seattle, Washington U. S. A

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