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Bishop Juanita Nwendu Predicts Clinton Win over Trump: Says ‘God told me Clinton Ordained  to rule US”


“God will give Hillary Clinton victory in the United States Presidential election of November 8th but the results will not go down well with Donald Trump and republicans will dispute the processes”. This was the prophesy from Bishop Juanita Nwendu, a celebrated female preacher and Presiding Bishop of Christ Church on the Hill, Utako, Abuja in an exclusive chat with the Director General of Igbo Mandate Congress,IMC, Rev Dr Obinna Akukwe in Abuja on Thursday.

Bishop Nwendu told Rev Akukwe and his team that “It is the will of God that Hillary Clinton becomes President of United States of America and there is nothing anybody can do about that. God told me a month ago that she will become president but that we should organize prayers for her victory in accordance with the prophetic mandate. The prayers which held in Abuja last Friday and Saturday was meant to clear all obstacles to her victory 

Bishop Nwendu , while responding to the issue raised by Rev Akukwe on how Clinton’s victory aligned with God’s global agenda for the end time , said that “ it is God’s intention to use Clinton to stabilize the US economy and also settle the issue of gender discrimination worldwide  which is threatening some families and cultures. God revealed that Donald Trump and his followers will question aspects of the process but divine purpose will prevail”

Bishop Juanita  Nwendu, who is also the President of Lifesavers Ambassadors Ministry, a women intercessory ministry based in 45b Ajose Adeogun Street,  Abuja, in line with God’s  instructions organized a two-day prayer at the church office on the 4th and 5th of November with notable women gospel ministers in attendance . Bishop Juanita Nwendu had earlier contested on the platform of Alliance for Democracy, AD, to represent Abuja Federal Constituency in the National Assembly. Bishop Juanita Nwendu,  guest at the Igbo-Israeli Youth Economic Summit was also in Port Harcourt for a crusade last month and also the Warri Women Conference with the theme ‘Breaking the limits’ three weeks ago where she relayed the same message of Hillary Clinton victory.

The leadership of Igbo Mandte Congress IMC had met with Bishop Dr Juanita and her team in the aftermath of Igbo-Israeli Youth Economic Summit which held in Enugu last month, to compare prophetic notes on how Igbos can position themselves to fulfill their end-time prophetic mandate to the world in alliance with the people of other tribe, races and culture, devoid of acrimony and hate speeches.



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