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Bizarre! ICPC goofs as detainee’s name missing in court file despite 1 month “detention warrant”

In what could best be described as bizarre, ElombahNews has stumbled on official documents showing that the name of a detainee could not be found in court file despite being detained with a “detention warrant”.

The detainee, Dr. George Davidson, a whistleblower and agent with Eagle Eye Transparency International, was detained by operatives of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC).

At the Karu Magistrate Court, it was confirmed that the filing of the court process that granted the detention warrant within ICPC of George Davidson was not in the central registry record.

Also, it was discovered that the Chief Magistrate who purportedly signed the detention order, Mr Emmanuel Iyanna was not the Chief Magistrate as at 14th October, 2020, when the detention order on Dr. Davidson was “issued”.

Reacting to the strange development, Davidson, who blamed the ICPC chairman, Mr Bolaji Owasanoye of obtaining a “Jankara Court order”, said:

“It’s is of essence legally that records are maintained and is obvious that ICPC chairman, Mr Bolaji Owasanoye in desperations to conceal the truth and shield suspected criminals for selfish gains, got Jankara Court order to detain a whistleblower in place of primary suspects.

“It is confirmed that officially there are no records of filing in the central registry till date.”

The whistleblower was incarcerated for supplying the ICPC chairman and his team with intelligence.

The intelligence involved one Regina Dominic, a civil servant who reportedly possesses numerous properties within and around Abuja and New Nyaya in Nasarawa state.

Instead of arresting and/or investigating the accused person, ICPC incarcerated Davidson from 13th October, 2020, to 30 October, 2020, in a police cell.

In an earlier report, ElombahNews had reported an investigative report by Eagle Eye Transparency International on October 7, 2019, on one Mrs. Regina Dominic (Nkpa Ebiabe), a staff of National Sports Commission (NSC), Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Eagle Eye Transparency queried her sources of income as she allegedly lives above her income and assets declaration status.

According to the report, Mrs. Dominic is a Grade level 8 official civil servant and a director of a private company while in public service and worth over five hundred million Naira.

See full report below:

EXCLUSIVE: See Mega Rich Civil Servant Worth Over N500m; Whistleblower Kidnapped After Exposing Her

The ICPC spokesperson, Azuka Ogugua is yet to respond to a note of inquiry issued by ElombahNews on the subject matter.

Find attached documents from pages of the court registry and the Chief Magistrate’s office:

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