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BNG 27th October live broadcast: What are they up to?


After a lengthy pondering, this question became a hard nut to crack for me. I have used my sources and contacts but unable to find any substantial update or clue to what BNG is up to on 27th October live broadcast of the military wing of Biafra agitation.

BNG is a fact of my maiden investigation in 2016- I was not introduced to BNG by anybody, I was not contracted to know about BNG or persuaded to take a look at whatsoever they have to offer. I knew about BNG in a process of an investigation and paid close attention to the military institution afterwards.

It was the testimonies of seasoned agitators that attracted me to monitoring activities of BNG. I am convinced any time BNG decides to show their faces, Nigeria will never remain the same but it got quite complicated when I heard about live broadcast starting from 27th of October instead of action-packed activities.

Question is like a leading light in a dark. One must endeavor to ask pertinent questions to avoid being left in the dark. While empty drum makes the loudest noise; it must be always informed that the drum contains nothing. BNG is a filled drum- to the brim- as much as all the facts I have gathered for four years.

It takes a wise man to hear the inaudible sound of a filled drum and inspect its content. We all know there is always a gulf of difference between empty drum and filled drum. BNG has a track record of action-packed moves towards the restoration of Biafra; although, we have barely seen active BNG since nearly two decades now but their drive to announce a live broadcast coming up on 27th October should not be taken lightly.

I have been sniffing around to get a clue of what is coming. Is BNG holding a live broadcast to announce her leadership or announce their action packed plan towards the restoration of Biafra. Could it be they are coming up with live broadcast to address or unveil their objectives or disclose to the people what?

Of interest is the clause in the press statement indicating there would be public holiday throughout the duration or period of the live broadcast 27th-30th. I have not been able to comprehend why a public holiday must be declared and adhered to by the people; unless we are yet to know what is actually coming.

BNG has jealously kept her cards to her chest and maintained tight lips while most Biafra agitating organizations prefer to wag tongues and involve in endless propaganda aimed at being rated and sponsored. A serious dog will likely not bark before biting and this calls for concern.

I have given BNG my utmost attention; craving for legitimate information concerning their October 27th live broadcast but everything remains sketchy. With limited information; my fear intensified because I know any time BNG decides to make a bow, something worth waiting is always in the bag.

The founder of BNG left Nigeria for Ghana; yet, BNG kept hope of making a bow alive. By informing the public there would be a live broadcast on 27th October is enough to raise a bar of concern. We have seen many agitating groups with their respective plans but no one has ever kept us in the dark as BNG announcement of live broadcast next two months.

What are we going to see on the day of BNG live broadcast? I don’t believe we would see well dressed people announcing their various positions and constituting DOS and HODs. I don’t believe we would see a conference table decorated with flowers and chilled coca-cola. I don’t believe we would have a live broadcast like we have had in the past by other Biafra agitating organizations.

Whatsoever we have on mind; one thing should not elude us, we should not omit the fact that BNG is action oriented military institution. Everyone should pay attention to the live broadcast date. We should watch and prepare for whatsoever BNG have to offer that day.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative Writer

Writes from Enugu


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