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BNG does not want war but if it becomes necessity


I am not a war monger but truth be told; if Biafra is sincerely being fought for, only through war can it be a reality because Nigeria opted for war as a yardstick. This truth is a bitter pill to swallow for those that saw 1967 war simply because the effect of the loss instills fear. Buhari saw the war; why then is he not preaching peace, instead, drumming for another war. The answer is simple; he was on the good side of the war and as such, has psychological advantage over the beaten Biafrans.

It takes destiny for a man that lost a war and saw the wickedness of war to embark on it once more. When such man embarks on another war; then it’s clear to be another case of survival and not a search for comfort. BNG as a military institution does not want any war with anyone but when it becomes a necessity, it becomes inevitable. This i know about the stage taking BNG.

My support for BNG is down to the simple fact that every peaceful means to address the cause of Biafra have failed and when it boils over, Nigerian government unleashes her military against indigenous people and no one says a word. I don’t expect the people of Biafra to continue to try the same thing over and over again when it is yielding nothing but death. It has become a norm that death is the end product of Biafra and any reasonable man must focus on self-defense while talking about Biafra.

The ideology and methodology of Biafra National Guard is one that entices me and convinces me. It took the methodology and ideology of Biafra National Guard for Biafra to be a sovereign state between 1967 and 1970 and can only take their ideology and methodology to restore and sustain the status quo. This does not imply that BNG opted for war; rather, it means a necessity was embraced.

No personnel of BNG is happy or celebrating the prospect of self-defense; they all want to have a good family where they could enjoy the warmth of their wives and husbands, the joy of fatherhood and motherhood and the essence of peace. But when destiny calls; courageous ones don’t give up, because, he that will die will die while he that will live will live. Our lives were not in our hands when we came into this world and will not be in our hands until the rest of our lives. If our lives are in our hands; man will live forever.

Few opposed to self-defense continue to cite the outcome of 1967 but the reality remains history could repeat with a different result and only a coward dies before going to a battle. For lack of listening ears; history is about to repeat and if we fail to listen on our own part, the result will repeat, God forbid!

BNG likely shares your sentiment but no one retreats on a necessity because of death; life is all about survival and battle never departs but those that embrace their battles come out victorious in life. It is high time we started thinking about how to embrace this notion of necessity. We cannot continue to die like fowls because we are afraid of the hyenas. How many people have lost their lives since 1999 Uwazurike restarted Biafra agitation? Imagine if those victims fought for their lives; imagine if they died on their feet, what would be the situation of Biafra today?

Instead of wasting the space you occupied; step aside for a brave occupier and stop trembling because fear is your enemy living in you. Nobody wants war; BNG is not after war but when war comes, if we fold our hands, we die and die for nothing.

Nigerian government brought war upon the people of Biafra because they asked for their right to self-determine. They rolled their tanks because a people sought after self-rule and you want an ideology that has cost millions of lives to be abandoned because of tanks and guns?

In 1967 when the necessity came up; thirty thousand people embraced it and fifteen thousand died after giving the enemy a devastating blow, eventually, millions that died were those that fear held sway. The earlier we began to see that Biafra is a self-defense is the better for us. Biafra cannot be a reality from now till eternity without defense and that defense is Biafra. So; when one speaks defense, he speaks Biafra and if defense is war, then, it is wise to embrace that war. BNG will embrace that necessity!

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative Journalist

Writes from Enugu


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