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Boko Haram And Assassination Of Alex Badeh ~ By Sam Gar



There is Traditional Islam, Political Islam and Imperialist Jihadist Islam. The first is simple, noncombatant and pious. The second seeks political power for ascendency and the third and most virulent is out for conquest and world domination. ISIS is its forward global Arm. Boko Haram is the converted Nigerian Wing.


It has been alleged that the former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, knew something about the involvement of some key elements in government with Boko Haram leaders. He knew why the Boko Haram war REFUSES to end. He was beginning to talk and he began to receive threats to his life. I think at his level, he took things for granted. Too much for granted and he has paid the supreme price!!!


The Boko Haram war is an interesting war. It’s a war without head or tail; without classification. Is Nigeria fighting herself or are elements in Nigeria implementing Muammar Gaddafi’s blueprint? Or is the Islamic Jihadist Movement For World Domination initiating its Global Takeover in Nigeria? Can you see the sinister role of political, religious, mercantile, mercenary, and government elements in this World War?


Hundreds of people are seized by Boko Haram and transported over vast territorial space without detection. How possible?

Thousands of men, women, youth, and children are currently in Boko Haram captivity. They are being housed and fed. Yet, without trace! How sensible?

Hundreds of brand new Hilux vans and motorcycles are delivered to Boko Haram in broad day light and nobody can explain how it happens and who the suppliers are!

Petroleum products, water, food supplies, medicines, medical services, spare parts, etc move from Nigeria to Boko Haram territory and nobody knows how it is happening.

Sophisticated armoured vehicles, assault tanks, and war equipment of very high grade, ammunitions etc are delivered to Boko Haram on a continuous basis and neither the Air Force, Army, nor Intelligence services are able to track anything.

Boko Haram troops come in convoys of vehicles and motorbikes and launch attacks and vanish into thin air. They go back unchallenged. And you want us to believe that Nigeria is fighting? No, she is not. It looks like she is actually coordinating for Boko Haram; rubbishing the blood of our innocent soldiers and hapless civilians.

The Boko Haram Commander-In-Chief, Abubakar Shekau has been reported killed more than THREE times and nobody can explain why or how he keeps surviving or coming back to life. Nigeria We Hail Thee!

The Nigerian Government had acknowledged that Boko Haram agents are operating within its ranks. And it ended there.

Many graduates of Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) are reported to have absconded to Boko Haram. And it ends there.

Many of those funding, endorsing, supplying, recruiting, collaborating, liaising, propagating, and raising support for the insurgency are known. Several of them have been unmasked, arrested, or interdicted but that is where it ends.

Thousands of Boko Haram soldiers and captives have been captured or released from captivity, yet there is no intelligence to provide Nigeria with any clues!

Several commanders and senior leaders of Boko Haram have been arrested, interrogated and detained but till date, nobody seems to know anything about how to handle, manage, assuage, confront, or defeat Boko Haram.

Trillions of naira have gone and are still going down the drain in pursuit of what looks like an imaginary or invincible enemy! To date, there seems to be nothing that can help end both the suffering and the war.


Amazingly, in the midst of the unending war, the Federal Government has decided to absorb fighters of Boko Haram into the Nigeria Armed Forces and security structure. Thousands of Boko Haram foot soldiers have also been released to their traditional rulers!!!

In the heat of what they call a war! Just like that. And you want me to believe that Nigeria is fighting a war? Noooo!!!!! It looks to me like there is a grand plot, plan, agenda, and mandate to use Boko Haram and infiltrate Nigeria (North, South, East, West) for the final takeover!!!


The Boko Haram war is a serious indictment of the Federal government. There is no justification why Boko Haram continues to operate with such temerity and impunity. No justification why our young troops are being slaughtered at this rate without remedy, apology, remorse, or qualms.

No justification why everything about Boko Haram and the fratricidal war remains wrapped in secrecy. No justification why there are no answers to Boko Haram’s audacity. There is utterly no justification why nobody is being held accountable for the incalculable loss of lives, property, wealth, morale, esteem, and well-being of our servicemen and women and the populace!

If you believe that Nigeria is really fighting Boko Haram, you can believe anything including Nnamdi Kanu’s Buhari-Jubrin of Sudan comedy. Permit me to rest my case!

Pastor Sam Gar, BSc., MBA

 SDP Governorship,  Benue State

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