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Why Bolaji Abdullahi Continues To Dig Ditch Oyegun Has Dug For Himself ~By FCC Jones

I completely agree with the outgoing National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi that one does not need to continue digging, when he is in a ditch, but like every lunatic, the Kwara ‘Good Boy’ hallucinates on. If he wasn’t hallucinating, the nPDP chieftain within the APC would have channeled his recommendation properly.

First, to himself and secondly, to his fellow drowning dullards in the nPDP whose script Chief Odigie Oyegun is acting and which instead of pitting our Party into the ditch as they planned, has ended up pitting Oyegun and his co-travelers into the smelly pit of infamy.

It is important to understand where exactly  Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi is coming from and that will go a long way in helping us decide whether to sympathize with him or to criticize him. It will be unfair to add to the pains of a man whom shackles of slavery has eaten into his bones, and he cannot pull off the chains, even though he has had the chances to do that, on many occasions.

He is either held back by the fear of his fellow ‘Good Boys’ or he knows that it will be impossible to stand on his own, even though he got some good education and should have a lucrative and dignifying profession should he muster the courage to break loose from the dirty chains with which he is tethered to Ilofa road, Bolaji Abdullahi has got everything he got in life, depending on one man. It is therefore easy to understand his predicament and sympathize with him.

Unfortunately, at 79 and fast looking into his eighties, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun who had become a governor at a time Dr. Bukola Saraki was still collecting pocket money from his father for his medical studies has allowed himself to be roped into the dangerous ditch in Ilofa road, and knowing what the ‘Good Boys’ whose most recent outing was at Offa, could do, the old man has got no option but to keep dancing the music played to him from Ilofa, because he wants to live long, and even if he has to die, not the torturous way, the ‘Good Boys’ may choose for him.

What ditch could be deeper than when a supposed father is suspected to have allowed his conscience to be compromised in order to prepare the ground for the ousting a President that has been acclaimed not just by Nigerians of good conscience, but the world over, as the best thing to have happened to Nigeria in recent history?

When you find out that the Chief from the Eastern Heartland whose intelligence, commitment, patriotism and solid loyalty to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the people of Nigeria and the Party has inspired to stand against anything that would torpedo the President’s return bid, the only thing you have to do is to concentrate all your arsenals on ensuring that that man is dismantled or at most frustrated out of the Party in order to pave way for the realization of your felonious venture.

Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi

It will be unfair to dismiss Bolaji Abdullahi as crying too much. Of course, he has to cry. He and his gang of coup plotters have been stopped on their track, and they have to cry blood, and if they are not closely watched, they may as well commit suicide. Who watches helplessly as one man foils a well plotted coup, crash?

Abdullahi is most disheartened and it is understandable why he has to take the task of frustrating Owelle Rochas Okorocha out of the APC, personal. His lord of Ilofa road would have been the major beneficiary of the coup, if it had been allowed to work out well enough.

The idea was to hijack the Party structure from President Buhari, while making it look like Oyegun and co were working for the President, but towards the presidential primaries of the Party, the former governor of Kwara State who is fingered in the alleged sponsorship of the Offa bank robbers who killed more than 33 innocent people and carted away millions of Naira from some banks in Offa, will declare for the presidency.

Everything would have been in place for the alleged sponsor of the Offa bank raid to ‘defeat’ President Muhammadu Buhari in the presidential primaries of the Party. That would have made it the first time an incumbent President would lose the nomination of his own Party in Africa, and one of the rarest times, such would be happening anywhere in the democratic world.

Governor Okorocha posed a big stumbling block to this plan, and for this, he will never be forgiven, by those in the ditch at Ilofa road and their sponsors. The only option left for Abdullahi at this stage, is to keep digging the ditch, with some faint hope that something could give and they find their way out of the ditch.

One of these faint hopes is to ensure that, since Oyegun has reluctantly declined from running for second term as national chairman of the Party, they would try to throw the structure of the Party, which they believe is in their grips to either Professor Osariemhen Osunbor or Chief Clement Ebri, all in a bid to stop Comrade Adams Oshiomhole whom they believe will do everything to ensure that sanity is restored in the Party and that every banana peel placed on the way to stop President Buhari’s emergence is removed.

Should they fail to stop Adams Oshiomhole’s emergence as national chairman, they would also attempt to install their acolytes into some sensitive offices in the NWC, especially the office of the National Organizing Secretary, to ensure that their clique still have some grips on the NWC.

Should these plans fail, these men in the ditch had already created a lot of Constitutional loopholes for the Party which they intend to exploit in order to weaken the Party or even destroy the Party if they can. These men could sponsor some mercenaries to sue the Party, questioning the legality or otherwise of the congresses across the country.

It is not by chance that the Party is experiencing crisis in more than 28 States of the Federation with parallel congresses held almost in all States of the Federation. This could have been deliberately set up by these men in the ditch as a last resort to stop President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election bid.

Abdullahi who is also a chieftain of the so-called nPDP who have made it a pastime to threaten the Party with desertion should their crazy demands not be met, is also looking at returning as the Party’s National Publicity Secretary, if their plan of returning most of their men in the NWC works out.

However, he is also an integral part of committees which have been discreetly set up by the nPDP leaders to explore their options in the case they are not able to have their way within the APC. To state it more clearly, Abdullahi is technically not a member of the APC, as well as all members of the nPDP.

The Constitution of the APC does not recognize the existence of groups within the Party. It is actually the most glaring anti-Party infraction for some people to claim to be members of another political Party while they are in the APC.

True APC members negotiate as members of the APC, not as members of a bloc within the Party. If everyone should keep talking about where he or she joined the Party from, then, President Muhammadu Buhari would begin to talk about CPC, Tinubu will begin to talk about CAN, Okorocha will negotiate on the grounds of a faction of APGA, while maybe, Ali Modu Sheriff will begin to negotiate from the angle of ANPP. If this happens, it will mean that we do not have a political Party, in the real sense of the word.

As a supposedly trained journalist and former Deputy Editor of Thisday, I expected Abdullahi to have some common knowledge of communication. His blackmailing argument that the APC State Secretary in Imo State used libelous words against the Party’s national chairman is laughable.

A criminal could as well claim to have been libeled if he is told the truth to his face, but it doesn’t change that truth. I hope Abdullahi and his new comrade in slavery do not waste time with their lawyers before deciding on what to do in court.

There is no worse criminality than when a supposed Party top official insists that there have been congresses in Imo State, and it is more insulting when the same official uses the word ‘concluded’ instead of botched to refer to the kangaroo exercises held in Imo State, or who knows, it could be in another State altogether.

Congresses are not private events, they are open, democratic processes that its venue, time and dates should be known not just to those empowered by law to supervise such, but also by every citizen who is interested in democratic processes, including non-partisan groups and journalists.

Abdullahi who is supposed to be the chief marketer of the APC has unfortunately turned himself to the chief de-marketer of the Party by presenting the Party as a political organization that promotes illegality of all sorts. While Abdullahi’s predicament is appreciated, it is important to let him know that he cannot drag the image of the Party to the ditch into which, he and his co-travelers have thrown themselves into.

The Party will surely survive the incompetence, disorderliness and bad blood which the Oyegun led NWC plunged her into, and it is expected that the incoming Chairman will reposition the Party and make her more formidable in the coming election, when the viruses that tried to contaminate the Party’s good visions must have been fully excised.

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