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Bomb Shell: APGA Chairman—Oye Heading To Jail For Fraud As Victor Umeh Gears For War

Battle line drawn between Victor Oye and Victor Umeh as Umeh vows to remove Oye Advises gov Obiano to "do the needful" Accuses Oye of defrauding over 950 million naira from Imo aspirants By Eneh Victor Chigozie


An email message which Senator Victor Umeh sent to Governor Willie Obiano advising him to stop Oye from emerging as the National Chairman of APGA is being circulated on social media.

The email details how Oye defrauded APGA governorship aspirants from Imo state and promised them guber tickets. Umeh in the letter advised gov Obiano to ask Oye to refund the money and resign as his actions were embarrassing to the party.

It is unfortunate that Governor Obiano as the national leader of APGA ignored Umeh’s advice and supported Oye to emerge for a second term.

Those who doubted when we reported the dirty fight in APGA that made them chase Umeh out of the party should come and read.

Senator Victor Umeh

The letter from Umeh to Governor Obiano reads:

Good evening Your Excellency.

I am constrained by Circumstances to write this Mail to you on the Activities of Chief Victor Ike Oye which I have a Responsibility to bring to your Attention.

For about two weeks now, I have been approached by some persons from IMO State with Complaints of Monetary Extortion from Chief Victor Oye during the last Primaries in IMO State with a Request that I pass them to you to direct Oye to return their Monies to them over unkept Transaction Promises.

I requested them to furnish me with Details of the Transactions.

I shall forward to you their Narratives and Documents for your Perusal.

I will suggest that you go through this and form your Opinion.


From Okey EZE’s Account, Chief Victor Ike Oye negotiated and took from him a total sum of N273, 250,000 ( Two Hundred and Seventy Three Million, Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) only in return for the Governorship Ticket of APGA for Imo State in the 2019 General Elections.

When this Arrangement failed, Chief Oye has been able to refund him only $100,000 made of two Installments of $50,000 each, leaving a Balance of N237,250,000.

Regrettably, Chief Oye told Mr Eze that I Chief Victor Umeh and Archbishop Valerian Okeke were responsible for His inability to honour their Agreement.

I will forward His written Petition to EFCC and some of the Bank Transactions with Oye and also bring it to the Attention of His Grace.


Mr AMUCHIE until his Resignation to join the APGA Gubernatorial Race in Imo State was the Chief Operating Officer of Zenith Bank PLC.

His Written Statement said that Chief Victor Ike Oye negotiated with him and received a total sum of N280,000,000 ( Two Hundred and Eighty Million Nairobi ) in return for APGA Governorship Ticket in Imo State for the 2019 General Elections.

The Money was given as follows:

Chief Victor Ike Oye – N250,000,000 paid in $694,400.


Chief Ikedi Ohakim narrated that Chief Oye Collected $300,000 ( Three Hundred Thousand Dollars) and N100 million from him and other Payments. His Detailed Account is contained in his Petition to the EFCC. The Petition is also forwarded to you.


Chief ANUMUDU said that Oye obtained a 2018 TOYOTA Landcruiser Black Jeep from him under false pretense. This is aside from other Dollar Cash receipts which he is ready to forgo.

He is already in Lagos State High Court with Oye and his Wife claiming N50m being the Value of the Car where Oye claimed that the Car is a Birthday Gift from Chief ANUMUDU. This Matter is also reported to the EFCC.

These are just four Outstanding Cases. There are other Tales !

I see these as very serious Moral Issues particularly as Oye has consistently insisted that he did not take money from anybody during the 2018 Primaries.

I consider these Revelations as serious embarrassment to the Party and Gross Abuse of Office by Chief Oye.

One unfortunate thing was that they engaged these Fellows by dropping your Name as supporting their Actions.

Some of these were part of the reasons why I told you on the 28th of April, 2019 that Oye is unfit to continue in Office as National Chairman of APGA.

I believe that it will be FUTILE and DAMAGING to APGA if you continue to support him for a Second Term in Office.

I advise that you confront Chief Oye with these Revelations and consider asking him to Refund these Monies to them and bow out and save APGA from protracted Crisis!

Thanks and God bless.

Senator Dr Victor Umeh, OFR.

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