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Bonangai Okafor Of ABS2 Onitsha Fame Is Dead!

Do you know him? Every Anambrarian above 40 would.

How did he die?

After withdrawing money from an ATM an Okada rider knocked him down at Ekwulobia junction. The Mobile policemen around the area forced the Okadaman to take him to hospital using a keke. But at the hospital there was no doctor around and the attendant nurses fed him drip and watched him die.

Nigeria is a jungle!

And all that bothers our thieving Sinators is how to cow social media users in Nigeria!!!

In UK, someone with first aid experience would immediately rush to his aide, another person would call 911, while the police arrests the Okadaman.

An Ambulance would arrive in 5 minutes and Bonangai would be airlifted to one of the 6 trauma treatment centres in the UK.

That’s the difference between civilisation and hobessian state of nature.

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