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Book Review: The Accidental Love — By Monday Edeh


The Accidental Love is a well crafted novela that is aimed at instructing and advising the young boys and girls of every society. It is also aimed at correcting the ills of the society as it concerns the young boys and girls, especially those that are in love with the opposite sex or those that intend to be in the future.

While Comrade Emmanuel Ebuka Chukwu designed his characters to be mainly youths, THE ACCIDENTAL LOVE is not entirely targeted at youths only, but for the entirety of humanity.


We live in a world that is full of disappointment. It can either come through your loved ones or your foes. The bad side of it is when it comes from someone you love, and least expected to be the reason for your agony.

The author carefully employed and designated his characters to represent this issue in a fictional way. As he clearly stated on the work, I want to join his voice to restate that this is a fictional work. Any resemblance on character, place, name or action is a mere coincidence.


The book, THE ACCIDENTAL LOVE teaches us that nothing is permanent. Not even love, though this is debatable. Ken who initially does not want to fall in love with Lizzy eventually does with all his heart, but ended up being disappointed by Lizzy who follows Uzo, a married man and London returnee.

One may ask, where is the love that she professed to Ken at the starting of their relationship? We are also made to believe that the long age saying that love is the strongest thing on earth is no longer applicable and fashionable in today’s world, because if it were true, how come Lizzy, despite the love she had for Ken at the beginning, now leaved him to his fate while she runs to Uzo who has made it. Today, love no longer count much, but money.

Most ladies today make the mistake of marrying the wrong men because they are either too impatient to wait for their men to stand strong, or leave them for those that have made it. I understand that many at time, the decision of these ladies are as a result of the unseriousness on the side of the guys. Men are not completely exempted in this case.

THE ACCIDENTAL LOVE is a book for everyone.

“In every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction….” Apology to Newton.

I will urge every voracious read to grab a copy of this veritable book

Monday Edeh.

You can get your copy on Amazon. Click: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B098K7QBJD/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_awdb_SP13T3D2GNZYS534HFTQ

You can also reach the author, Comrade Emmanuel Ebuka Chukwu via 08083138166

Email address: emmanuelchukwu1993@gmail.com

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