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Boris Johnson admits lobbying ‘boundaries not properly understood’ amid Greensill scandal


Boris Johnson has suggested that some of the “boundaries” between civil servants and business have not been “properly understood” during a fiery clash in PMQs over lobbying.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer used all of his questions to tackle the Prime Minister over the recent revelations emerging over the Greensill scandal, including asking if he believed “that the current lobbying rules are fit for purpose?”

Mr Johnson responded: “I indeed share the widespread concern about some of the stuff that we’re reading at the moment and I know that the Cabinet Secretary shares my concern as well…. When I look at the accounts I’m reading to date it’s not clear that those boundaries had been properly understood and I’ve asked for a proper independent review of the arrangements that we have to be conducted by Nigel Boardman and he will be reporting in June.”

Speaking during a subsequent debate in which Labour is trying to force a second, Parliament-led inquiry, the constitution minister, echoed his comments.

Chloe Smith said: “We are concerned about some of what has emerged in recent weeks”.

Last night the Prime Minister expanded the review into lobbying to hunt for civil servants with second jobs, after further revelations that one of Britain’s most senior civil servants worked as an adviser to the finance firm Greensill.

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