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Boxing Champion Joshua & his surprising defeat




Joshua’s defeat by Ruiz doesn’t cut any ice for me, what does it for me, is how Joshua took the defeat in his strides. He tried his best, but got pulled down by maybe, the stronger and better prepared fighter.

A champion is not the one who never loses, he is the one who knows that a loss is not the end of trying but a challenge to get home and do some home works and come back better.

It could have been a surprise to Joshua that he lost this fight and his belts, but he certainly doesn’t think it is the end of his glory days. He put up the look of one who can’t wait to fight again and possibly reassert himself in the ring.

Joshua could have continued the fight, if he didn’t know when to say it was over. But, he gave up. Probably, he did a quick calculation of the heavy butts he had gotten and how they felt on him, and decided it was better to concede the belts, than get heavier pummels and a more embarrassing defeat. I won’t say it is all over for Josh, till he fights again and even again. Loosing these belts could be the motivation he needs to come back and beat the hell out of his next opponent, in order to reclaim his belts. This defeat left him with a lot more to fight for.

If he wasn’t knocked down by Ruiz, he would probably be thinking of throwing in the gloves after this fight. I think this defeat gives him more years in the ring and probably more records to rake in.

A champion should be ready to be knocked down, but he shouldn’t remain down. A champion mustn’t think that it is impossible to defeat him. He should go into every fight with the readiness to win, but with the consciousness that he is standing up against another potential champion coveting his crown.

Ruiz was hungrier, thicker and stronger last night, but Joshua took it all in his strides and has got an opportunity to bounce back with much more fury and hunger.

On the other hand, another person wrote:

I was a little afraid for Anthony Joshua…
I doubted if he had watched enough of Andy Ruiz…
The patriotic side of me predicted an AJ win, regardless of whatever happens. But in reality, I was afraid that Joshua’s junketing round the USA , like flying from NewYork to San Fransisco just to watch basketball and granting needless media interviews while he should have been training, were major distractions… I felt he saw Andy Ruiz as too much of an underdog to pose a threat… And I was right…
I spoke about the quick succession counters of Andy Ruiz and they are power punches and not some light smacks… How didn’t he train to counter that??? Ruiz also does some South Paw fighting, why didn’t he train for South Paw?
Then again, Andy Ruiz kept his left guard low hanging like I said he does, so why didn’t AJ exploit that? AJ has a very powerful right hand that has helped knock out 21 previous fighters, and some of them, more competitive than Ruiz, yet he did not use his strength to exploit Andy Ruiz weakness well enough like a champ would do…
And yes, I am disappointed and angry at AJ because he took his eyes off the ball…
I still love and support him regardless…
I remain an undisputed AJ fan despite his losing to an underdog…

Congratulations to Ruiz, congratulations to Joshua!

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