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Brain Drain: 20 Senior Medical Doctors Set To Leave UCTH for Greener Pastures


Many senior medical practitioners from the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital have completed their papers to travel overseas for greener pasture. The number of those leaving the country are said to be between 15 and 20.

Chief medical director of UCTH, Prof Ikpeme Ikpeme, stated this in Calabar while answering questions from journalists shortly after facility tour of projects at the hospital in Calabar at the weekend.

The chief medical director stated, “As we speak, there are at least 15 or 20 others who have their papers processed and are just waiting to leave. The brain drain issue is real. We need to find a way to retain our professionals.”

Ikpeme stated that it is unfortunate that the second in command in the hospital left the hospital for greener pasture to Saudi Arabia, a development the chief medical director said if not checked may cripple activities at the hospital due to shortage of skilled manpower.

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