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Breaking! APC declares Sylva winner of Bayelsa APC gov primary

timipriye sylva

Chief Timipre Sylva has emerged winner of the All Progressives Congress APC primary in Bayelsa State. He immediately extended a hand of fellowship to Timi Alaibe to work with the party to deliver the governance.

Sylva who spoke shortly after he was declared winner of the primary said of Alaibe, “I will like him to come back, let us sit down together as a people, as lovers of the APC, as lovers of Bayelsa state and as lovers of Nigeria join hands and work together and deliver good governance to this state.

According to him, “Its been a long walk and I am very happy today to accept the victory that you have given to me for the second time. This is only the beginning of the journey. today I have seen that we politicians have a lot to learn from the military, what a serving Governor of Edo state of this country was incapable of doing just just a few days ago has been achieved by a retired general and his team.

“This tells you that we have a lot to learn about the military. I want to thank the security agencies that have been present since yesterday night until now and have kept the peace and make sure that this primary are rancour free.

“For us in the APC ,this victory only signals the need for hardwork and unity. There is is a lot to do. We have a job out kicking out n ineptitude government that has done a lot of disservice to our people.

“There has been a preponderance of uncompleted projects, failed promises and lies. A government that lies to its own people, claiming projects that they never had a hand in.

“I give you an example of the Ogbia Nembe road that the government continues to showcase as if it is their project, when they don’t have a hand in that project, that project is a job between the NDDC and Shell.

“You people have a lot to do when we come in from 14th February 2016. I have gone around this state and I know that the people are yearning for change and I want to assure you that victory will be ours.

“For the delegates, I have a word for you. I have never seen this kind of commitment in politics before. Some people sleet on the roads and in the rain, a lot of you have not had their bathe since morning. I want to assure you that this time, it will no longer be monkey dey work bamboo dey chop, this time I want to tell you that this time it will be monkey go work monkey go chop.

“This time will work together and stay together; we will do everything to keep the unity. I will like to call on all aspirants that have accepted these results to join hands with me to make sure and ensure that we win the election come 5th of December which is actually the main issue at stake.”

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