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BREAKING: Bandits capture Zamfara Army base, kill 12, cart away weapons


Terrorists suspected to be bandits have attacked and captured Nigerian Army base in Mutumji, Dansadau, about 80 kilometres south of the capital Gusau in Zamfara State.

The assailants also killed twelve officers and carted away lots of weapons.

According to GazetteNGR, the bandits struck at about 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Officials immediately confirmed 12 fatalities, comprising nine Nigerian Air Force officers, two police officers and one Nigerian Army soldier.

It was not immediately clear the level of fire that the soldiers returned to prevent the base from being sacked.

All slain personnel were evacuated to Yerima Bakura Specialist Hospital in Gusau and the three wounded have been receiving treatments at a brigade medical facility.

The attackers also seized weapons from the killed service members and set ablaze other equipment in the facility.

The number of security forces manning the base was not immediately clear.

The base has served as a crucial point operation for logistics and reconnaissance efforts to rout out bandits operating between the eastern flank of Zamfara and western Katsina.

Last month, the criminals shut down a Nigerian Air Force jet, forcing the pilot to eject before the fighter went up in flames as it hit the forest.

It was also learnt that Telecom signals have already been shut down across Zamfara.

Sources said the demand came from the military who wanted to barricade the bandits in a forest before eliminating them.

Both the Army and the Police are yet to issue official statements on the incidence.

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