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BREAKING: Buhari Youth Organization endorses Orji Kalu for President 2023

The parent  body for all the youth support group for President Buhari Muhammadu, Buhari Youth Organization ( BYO) has declared it’s support for the candidacy of Chief Whip of the Senate and former Governor of Abia state, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu

The leadership of the  Buhari group who visited Kalu in his Abuja residence yesterday noted that the country needs a detribalized citizen who understands the politics of the Northern and Southern Nigeria,  adding that Kalu fits into Nigeria’s need in 2023

It stated  that the eminent businessman is the “right person to bring the entire regions together and foster economic prosperity”

The leadership representatives  includes the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Buhari Youth Organization, Ambassador Ali Barakat; National Coordinator of Buhari Youth Organization,  Honourable Adam Abatcha; Diaspora Coordinator, Professor Ali Alao

Speaking to the Senate Chief Whip, the National Coordinator, Honourable Abatcha noted that the group had earlier made attempts to visit him but for his very tight schedule. He explained that BYO has been in existence for the past 10 years, adding that it’s membership spreads national and international

He said,  “We the Buhari youth organization has existed for more than 10  years now. We started in 2011. And we have members across 774 local government. We have been trying to harmonize our membership since the numbers keep on  increasing. Our leadership is spread across the nation, we have Diapora coordinators and one of the biggest is China headed by an Igbo Man.

“You are the right person to bring the entire regions together. We believe in you for the way forward. You understand that the politics of the north and south are quite different. The way you are working for the country, you shouldn’t be distracted and Insha Allah it will be of beneficial to you and we will give you all the necessary support from the North and South.

Speaking further he said, “We also thank you for the maximum support you have always given to our patron,  President Muhammadu Buhari. We understand that your relationship with the President is as old as that of Former President Ibrahim Babangida. You are a very strong,  trusted and reliable ally to the North and we all hold you in very high esteem.” He said

On his part, the Diapora Coordinator thanked Kalu for granting them audience

He noted that members of BYO in Diaspora talk so much about Kalu, adding that those who haven’t him conducts research online and they are impressed.

“The way you do not relent on speaking out for a united Nigeria is very impressive. You love all other tribes as much as you love Igbo people.  On one particular interview on Channels TV, you had recounted how you lost so much during President Olusegun Obasanjo presidency because of your stand for the Igbo people. At least if they ask an Anthropologist; if somebody claim to be Kanuri, if they really check and press , you would find out he is possibly having Igbo blood in him or maybe he is  having Yoruba or itsekiri or Nupe blood. So in a way, we need each other. You are very detribalized and a real face of the new Nigeria.  I wish other leaders can emulate you.

“So on that note, I can only say well, you might not know it. People are really looking at your stand and it’s on record there. You have set a pace for other to emulate. Where you have not reached, your record has reached  and your name has been written on a platter of gold. You have assisted so many people from the South East, South West , South South, North and all parts of the country.  So all we are saying is that you have our support and we are endorsing you should you have interest to run for President in 2023.” He concluded

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