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Breaking: Dangerous chemical weapons fired in Rivers State



If you live in Rivers State and other Niger Delta States, you will notice strange black dusts everywhere even up to your own bedroom (the other room).

These micro black dusts are so tiny that you cannot see them with your naked eyes until the settle in their billions on the floor and on any exposed surface around.

As you walk inside your house and about to rest in bed, check the soles of your feet. They are as black as charcoal. 

When you match the floor of your house and your feet come in contact with water or wet environment, your entire floor will be soiled with black marks as you move along.

The catarrh from your nose is black and the sputum that comes out of your throat is black. Even your saliva is black.

When you touch this black substance, it is sticky like paint. It stains plastic substances very hard. And stains your bath dangerously.

Initially I thought it was a bye product of petrochemical or refinery pollutants, but now I suspect this could be very dangerous chemical weapon that will kill us gradually. 

I now remember the reason why someone said that Niger Delta oil belongs to Jigawa. 

And I also think of the various crocodile and python dances that are being organised in Entire East and the South south. 

Something is being fired into the air that will gradually incapacitate us forever. It is a chemical weapon that we are inhaling today.

Chris Udoh


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