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BREAKING: “Democratic” chaos in the American capital

There were unprecedented street protests and security breaches forcing both Houses of the American Congress on lockdown Wednesday after President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed Capitol Hill, the century-old legislative Chambers.

City authorities had to impose a night curfew as the protesters forced their way into the Congress building after attending a rally in front of the White House addressed by President Trump as he continued his baseless disputation of results of the November 3 elections, which former vice President Joseph Biden won.

A joint session of Congress was in progress to certify Biden’s victory before the protesters’ “invasion” of the Congress building, which had to be evacuated.

Biden is expected to be sworn in as the U.S. 46th President on January 20, the democratic credentials of America that prides itself as a mother of democrac, land of equal opportunities and civil rights is under serious scrutiny!

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