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BREAKING: Ex-IPOB deputy leader, Mefor floats new radio threatens to return fire to IPOB

The former deputy leader of the proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra, Uche Mefor has suddenly made an official broadcast after he was dismissed from the organization.

Recall that ElombahNews had reported about the impending implosion in the outlawed organization after the estranged deputy leader called for a change of approach and attitude in the movement.

Many adherents of IPOB got infuriated and tagged Mefor a traitor and saboteur who is on a mission to destroy the group after his subtle appeals to the them.

Moreover, after his followers got worried over his strange disappearance from the public glare, Uche Mefor yesterday reappeared and addressed them in a zoom conference meeting where he recounted how he was humiliated by the powers that be in the movement.

He said he was called a saboteur, traitor and character assassinated by IPOB members. Mefor also narrated how he was denied access from radio Biafra and made to look like a fool.

However, Mefor during the zoom meeting announced the official unveiling of Biafra Human Rights Radio and threaten to return fire for fire if the lies and blackmails against him doesn’t stop.

He said, “Any further lies/falsehood, blackmail and character assassination will be reciprocated in full.The formation of group of fake Facebook accounts is the direct handiwork of those in the Directorate and acquiesced by the IPOB leadership.

“You must all comport yourselves and advise your masters who recruit you to tell the lies by themselves. The coming days, weeks, months and even years ahead shall be difficult if you throw caution to the wind. If you underestimate this, we shall definitely be in for a long haul.

“I have been humiliated and blocked from Having Access To Radio Biafra London.

“Biafra Human Rights Radio has come to stay. The only way (if ever) Biafra Human Rights Radio will come down is, if IPOB radio is down and we now have access to Radio Biafra, whichnothing happened to it in the first place.

“Everything you’re being told regarding
that radio is all about lies because
nothing happened to it. Absolutely nothing. And for me to be called a saboteur, a traitor in IPOB, then there’s no truth in what we’re doing.”

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