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BREAKING: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Ongoing In Kogi East


According to an SOS raised by a citizen of Kogi State, Mr. Usman Okai Austin, Fulani herdsmen attack is currently ongoing in Kogi East of Kogi State.

Mr. Austin announced this on his Twitter handle and according to him, the attack is still ongoing as at the time of this publication.

He tweeted: Fulani attack ongoing in Kogi State of Kogi East , There is a lot of gun short right now at the bridge between Bagana and Omagede . Pls help us retweet’s to get security attention.

See tweet below:

Earlier, in another tweet, he announced that Fulani herdsmen launched attack on Igala Kingdom,Kogi State.

He stated that the then attack was on Omala local government of Kogi State where properties were destroyed and many killed in Bagana Omala.

See tweet:

Fulani herdsmen have increased their ferocious attacks on Benue and Kogi States communities withing the last month.

Sometimes the attacks last for hours without intervention of security operatives.


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