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BREAKING: Insecurity getting worse under Buhari, says Jonathan


Less than 24 hours after ex-President Olusgeun Obasanjo raised the alarm over the high level of insecurity in the country, former President Goodluck Jonathan has also commented on the issue.

When he paid a condolence visit to Reuben Fasoranti, leader of Afenifere, in Akure, Ondo state capital, on Tuesday, the ex-president said insecurity is getting worse under President Muhammadu Buhari.

Although he did not mention the name of Buhari, it was clear that he was referring to the government headed by his successor.

He challenged the federal government to come up with new strategies to tackle insecurity, adding that one could not continue doing old things and expect new results.

“The issue of security must be approached from a different dimension. We cannot continue the old way because it is getting out of hand. We hope the federal and state governments will do something about it,” he said.

” Every generation as human being faced problems and that generation must find way in solving those problems. Every government faces problem. The first commercial kidnapping, because it involves money happened in 2006 when I was the governor of Bayelsa state. From that, it moved to terrorism in the north. Now, it is a major problem in the country.

“I want to believe that the federal government in conjunction with state government must design a different approach to this issue. I was there as president and security challenge was there but now, it is getting worse everyday and we can’t continue to use the same old method.

“The police, army, DSS and the rest must use technology and I believe the federal government should set up a special unit like we set up EFCC and ICPC to handle corruption cases, so that they will know that their responsibility is to manage this kidnapping, killings and the rest.We can’t continue like this, it is not possible.

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