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Breaking news: James Ibori is back in Nigeria

Ibori is back in the country. He arrived this morning aboard British Airways.

On Tuesday a London court ruled that former Delta state governor James Ibori, could return to Nigeria.

A confident Ibori immediately signalled a possible political comeback in the country.

He told newsmen he would return within days to Nigeria.

Ibori was released from British prison  in December after serving half of his 13-year sentence, taking into account pre-trial detention.

“What happens in African politics – you are in it until you die,” Ibori said in London on Tuesday.

“I am a politician, I will always be a politician. I play the politics in my party and in my country for the good of my people,” he said after a court hearing, part of ongoing legal proceedings in his case.

Nigerian media reported that Ibori’s release had prompted dancing in the streets in parts of Delta State.

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