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BREAKING: Oyigbo Urban Security Network arrest 2 notorious kidnappers, recover 1 pistol & other items

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


Oyigbo Urban Security Network has apprehended two notorious kidnappers terrorizing Oyigbo-Agbonchia road in Rivers State. Their arrest was confirmed to Elombahnews by the Chief Security officer of the security outfit, Chimaobi Iwela.


The General commander of Oyigbo Urban Security Network, Chimaobi Iwela confirmed the names of the notorious kidnappers as Oche ochulu, an Indigene of Benue State and Lebabari Biira who is from ogoni in Rivers State.

They were also arrested along side with their informant, Elijah James who is an Indigene of Benue State.

How Oche Ochulu Was Apprehended

Narrating how the duo were arrested by the Security Organization, Chimaobi said Mr Ochulu who is the ring leader of the kidnapping group reported Elijah James to the organization after he accused him of withdrawing the sum of N10,000 from his bank account without his knowledge.

While James was being interrogated by some officers of the security outfit, there was a sudden twist of events. He turned around and told the security officers that he will open up everything concerning Ochulu’s activities.

The security officers who were shocked with the statement asked him to go ahead and tell them what he knows about his boss Oche Ochulu who was also present during the interrogation.

Items recovered

To the surprise of everyone, he told the security officers that Ochulu is a kidnapper and he has been the one terrorizing Oyigbo-Agbonchia road in Rivers State. There was a slight drama as Mr Ochulu made an attempt to deny the accusation.

Immediately, Chimaobi and his men swung into action, Oche Ochulu was arrested and was ferried to his residential home where thorough searching was done. The officers recovered one pistol, a dagger, catapult, two mobile phones and one hammer. James Elijah, the informant of the kidnapping gang also alleged that the group has about two AK47 Kalashnikov hidden in the bush at Oyigbo-Agbonchia road

Moreover, the three suspects have been handed over to the military for further investigation while Oyigbo Urban Security Network has gone  after other fleeing members of the group.

When suspects where handed over to the military

However, Chimaobi Iweala has appealed to the State government and stakeholders in Oyigbo Local Government Area to assist the security outfit with the necessary equipments in order to encourage the personnel of the organization.

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