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BREAKING: Projections point to a Biden triumph

With America’s 2020 presidential election now turned into a waiting game for the results, the projections indicate that Joe Biden could be America’s 46th president.

With results of just four out of the 50 American states outstanding, the former Vice President and candidate of the Democratic party is projected to clinch more than the mandatory 270 electoral college votes from the total of 538.

Biden, 77, now has some 264 electoral college votes against outgoing President Donald Trump’s 214.

Votes are still being counted in Pennsylvenia, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Nevada, where Biden is also expected to pick up some more electoral college votes.

Trump, 74, of the GOP Republican party had declared himself premature winner a day after the November 3 America’s most divisive vote in recent memory.

Alleging fraud, without evidence, the 45th American president has called for a stop to the counting of votes or a recount with millions of ballots still to be tallied.

He has also mounted legal challenges to the electoral process. However, analysts warn that this could delay the official announcement of the poll result and with the potential of plunging America into an unprecented democratic chaos, violence and prolonged acrimony!

Win or lose, Trump, a business and celebrity showman, has left a deep impression on American politics and the World stage. Like in 2016, he has outperformed the pollstars by gaining more votes than expected in 2020.

It would take some efforts to reverse the consequences of his policies, including the alienation of U.S. international partners, and heal a deeply polarised country, which prided itself as an old democracy; a nation of liberty and equal opportunities!

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