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BREAKING: Rochester Police tackle and pepper-spray Black woman & 3yr old child


Rochester Police continue to terrorize Black people and endanger Black lives.

Earlier today, the city’s Police Accountability Board released new footage showing Rochester police tackling and pepper-spraying a Black woman and 3-year-old child.

1 RPD is the same police force that murdered Daniel Prude last year and maced a 9-year-old child just a few weeks ago — and two officers who were involved in that incident were also involved in this most recent example of anti-Black police brutality.

Color Of Change has demanded a Dept. of Justice investigation into RPD’s pattern and practice of civil rights violations and racist violence — an important first step to end violent policing.

“We already sent you an email about our demands, Daniel, but we need you to add your name NOW to keep up the pressure”, Colour Of Change, appeals to CEO of Elombah Communication

This most recent example of police violence is not a one-off incident, Daniel.

Last year, we stood with activists in Rochester to demand justice for Daniel Prude, a ban on chemical weapons and pepper-spray, and the creation of a new Department of Public Safety. Rochester city officials failed to take bold action to protect Black consitutents. And now, every week, we learn more about RPD’s pattern and practice of racist violence.

Until US address RPD’s racism and violence head-on, Black people in Rochester are not safe. That’s why RR is calling on the Biden administration to take action immediately.

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