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Breast milk and why common Nigerians must be the next to suck


I will not tell you who told me recently that if you are a lady you should first watch and observe how a man squeezes his “pure” (sachet) water before you make the decision to hand over your breast to him. That suggestion got me thinking about the Nigerian politicians, breast milk and the “national cake”, given that we are in the election season.

To start with, I am tempted to blame the ladies for the way men have behaved around breast. When a lady calls a full grown man “baby, baby”, how do you expect the man to behave? Babies like breast milk, so does the Nigerian politician. Babies will never leave the breast unless they fall asleep or their mouth is forced off the nipple, so no one should expect the Nigerian politician to leave that breast without a fight.

PDP sucked this breast for sixteen good years without mercy and was only forced off the damn thing by the lanky looking APC guys. For sure, when you look at the PDP children especially my latest bride, they all look well fed and chubby like any well fed baby should look. In fact, they look very much like what my people will term an “oyooyo nwa” or “SMA Gold”. The APC children especially my older wife look lanky but make no mistake about that, lankiness does not suggest an unfed baby. We know some babies do not like breast milk and may tend to look malnourished, but that is not the reason for this APC look. A friend of mine is a typical example of a baby that can eat everything in the world and still look like “I”. When you fall from the mountain of food this guy eats, you are likely to break an ankle. And we kept wondering where all the food went. So, that my old wife in APC is looking lanky does not mean she is not well fed, after all she has been sucking for three years plus now. And when she refers to “the other room”, what do you think they do there if not to breast feed?

Meanwhile, do not make the mistake of thinking it is only the male politicians that suck and enjoy the Nigerian breast milk. We have seen better breast suckers coming from the female folks in the recent times and the current race to Aso Rock have both male and females with their eyes on the “nipples”.

Nigeria will have to make a choice of handing over her breast to someone come February 16th 2019. Fortunately for her (Nigeria), she already knows how most of the current politicians jostling for Aso Rock squeeze their “pure” water and hence how they will deal with her breast if given a chance.

The ordinary Nigerians will also like to suck, but the way things are organized right now; they have no chance of going close to their mother. Even the elite that have the prerogative of which breast to suck from, acknowledge that common Nigerians need to suck but will never be willing to give away their birthright without a fight. If you listened to the tape from one of the APC children, you would have heard where the voice that sounds like one of their suck masters say “Nigerians are hungry”. This is to tell you they realize that ordinary Nigerians need that breast milk. Sixteen years of PDP and three years of APC have relegated the common Nigerian to the back yard in search of fire wood while the elites fed fat on their God given breast milk.

The myriad of youth restiveness and terrorist’s activities currently bedevilling the nation can easily be traced to the fact that the Nigerian baby is hungry and needs to suck. With population growth, things can only get worse if this misalignment on breast sucking turns continue. In fact, no amount of security vote will protect the elite from the terror that will result. One prays that these guys’ eyes will open so they can see the dangers facing all of us in the nearest future if things are not sorted out. In whatever capacity any politician is, the import of this must be realized, internalized and reflected in every conscious decision and contributions to governance. As we have seen most recently, the insecurity in this land have claimed the precious lives of very senior Nigerians and it is obvious no one is shielded from this danger. The truth remains; Nigeria has a big breast with enough milk to go round if the greedy few will give way so its other children can suck.


Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com

Tuesday 8th January 2019

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